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    Questions About Toast Titanium's Apple Lossless Encoder

    Why would they do that? Really helpful forum I must say, I guess I know where NOT to ask next time. (Not that my questions were really that crucial, just plain curiosity.. but still...)
  2. J. Emerson

    Questions About Toast Titanium's Apple Lossless Encoder

    I got an email about a reply to this message, but nothing pops up here. Weird..
  3. Hi! I just have two quick questions. What's the render quality setting for? Lossless is lossless right..? All the tracks I'm encoding into apple lossless from FLAC have a bitrate of 705. That can't be right..? iTunes' encoder gets everthing from 285 to 1180 bitrate... I would greatly appreciate any comments. I'm importing and saving my huge music collection into iTunes, and would like to know it I'm doing anything wrong. Prefer to do all this work only once.. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hi! I'm just scratching my head over this function, as I'm currently building a huge ALAC/Apple Lossless library in iTunes. What's the difference between fast-normal-best in render quality, lossless is lossless right? Just curious... Thanks!