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    Trying To Convert

    I tried to play my video_ts files on DVD player and the files are shaded gray and would not play. I also have a MAC mini and a front loading slot for my CD's/DVD's and am afraid to put a little disk in there. The finalized disk will play on a windows machine and will play in any DVD player I have except the MAC mini. And that is why I am using Popcorn 3 to convert. HRC
  2. hrc

    Trying To Convert

    I tried the way you suggested and the program still stopped exporting at 30%. HRC
  3. hrc

    Trying To Convert

    The mac wont just open the file and play it, like in quicktime or anything. Ultimatly I would like to get all my short 30 min. DVD's onto a larger DVD and also make something in iDVD. I believe I was exporting to the mp4 with my ts files and it always stops at 30%. I'll try what you have suggested and see if it works, I really don't want to buy another program to convert my files so thank you for your help. HRC
  4. hrc

    Trying To Convert

    I have Popcorn and I have done latest update. I have video_ts files on my computer from my finalized camcorder DVD's and the MAC wont read them, so I purchases popcorn to convert the files to a readable format. I have tried to put the video_ts files in the player section of the program since I don't want to burn them at this time, and Popcorn will export up to 30%, it has never gotten past 30%. I have tried to convert my mpg to mp4 files and that worked. Can some one help me figure out what is going on? HRC