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    Popcorn Won't Encode Tivo Program

    Thanks for the help The TivoDecode Manager worked to download but the video and audio are now out of sync... grrr!
  2. Macuser08

    Popcorn Won't Encode Tivo Program

    I downloaded MPEG Streamclip but it won't open Tivo recordings
  3. Macuser08

    Popcorn Won't Encode Tivo Program

    Hi I've been having a problem with one of my files downloaded from my TIVO. I've downloaded it with TIVO-to-go in my Popcorn 3 but I cannot get it do anything else with the file. I've tried to convert to ipod format (what I really want to do with it) but the encoding window opens and it stays at 0% Now, I'm trying to burn it to a DVD but I'm getting the same encoding 0% I don't know what is causing this! PS: The show is from Nov and its been on my TIVO since then because I could never download it with my Toast 8 after the whole problem with the update.