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    My Runtime Error

    I have read most of all the solutions for Runtime errors but is mine different? I get the following: H:\Programfiles\Roxio\videoUI 10\Videowave10.exe Thanks I await your responses BTW I am using XP
  2. blkpanther9805

    In Trouble?

    I purchased Roxio Creator 2009 and opened the 1st CD and didn't go through with installation but did not open the 2nd CD..I can not find the sleeve with the CD key now...I have registered all my products with Roxio except for Ultimate because I never installed it. I have searched for that sleeve and can not find it. Is there a solution for this? I hate to have paid $100+ and can't use it...thanks
  3. blkpanther9805

    New Ultimate

    Thank you for your response...I think I will do that also
  4. blkpanther9805

    New Ultimate

    I have EMC 10, now that I purchased Creator 2009 Ultimate, do I need to uninstall EMC or is it ok to install over it..I have read many of the posts and I am still not sure of the answer to this question..thanks
  5. blkpanther9805

    My Runtime Error

    Thank you for your response...I will try that tomorrow since I it is my day off...thanks again