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    "3x Dvd" And/or "hd Rec" (aka "hd Dvd On Dvd",) Without Re-encoding?

    I was actually more curious about the EyeTV files. If I figure something out, I'll post a followup.
  2. I have both AVCHD camcorder footage, and EyeTV-recorded ATSC content that I would like to burn onto standard red-laser DVD (DVD-5 or DVD-9.) I can burn both just fine using Toast's built-in "HD DVD Video" setting, burning to DVD or DVD DL, but it takes forever to re-encode. (The discs play just fine on my Toshiba HDA3, by the way.) From my understanding, HD DVD supports the raw data from AVCHD and ATSC MPEG-2 without re-encoding, just "re-wrapping" (demuxing and re-muxing required; but that shouldn't take 4 hours.) I have "Reencoding" set to "Never" in the custom encoding box, but it still takes on the order of four hours to burn a 30 minute 1080i program to DVD. (On a 2.0 GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro.) Again, my problem is not with *PLAYING* the resulting disc (unlike issues I have seen from others regarding the Blu-ray equivalent BD5, BD9, and AVCREC discs on Blu-ray equipment I can play my discs just fine.) My problem is solely with the insane amount of time needed to reencode a program that shouldn't need to be reencoded. I can't find a single reference in help or the official FAQ on how to truly prevent reencoding.