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    No Neato Us In Label Creator -- Only A4 ?

    The product code is 853600. The name for the labels is "US CD Labels 2-Up". In version 7, there was a page setup called simply "Neato CD Labels 2-Up", which fit letter-size paper. For some reason, there is now only "Neato CD Labels 2-Up (A4)". I am really frustrated by this -- why would you actually REMOVE templates, especially common and standard ones, in an upgrade?
  2. brettstuff

    No Neato Us In Label Creator -- Only A4 ?

    Hi d_deweywright, I actually posted a comment in that thread. And, as I stated at the top of my original post above, I do have the Contents disc installed. Do you, or do others, see different label choices than I'm showing? Do you have a Neato 2-Up U.S., for example? I'm wondering if I'm missing templates somehow, or if it installed all these non-U.S. versions by mistake.
  3. brettstuff

    Selecting Avery Labels

    This is interesting about the dpi & glitches during the beta. I have 8.05, and my monitor is 1280x1024. The sliders for the selection boxes only partially appear -- it's like the actual slider-part, just the little rectangle you click on to slide, is floating out beside the selection box. It's very hard to see. That said, as I posted separately, I also have only weird sizes to choose from. Lots of "APLI" ones that are all A4, almost all the Avery ones are A4, and a lot of others are Japan. I'd really like to know what's going on with all this. First, where are the standard U.S. sizes & labels, and second, are these display bugs being addressed at all?
  4. EMC 8.05 Content disc has been installed Label Creator hotfix installed Under "commercial paper" in Page Setup, there's no option for any Neato US labels?! I only have five Neato entries: Neato 180815 Neato 3-Disc Neato CD Plus Labels Neato CD Labels 2-Up (A4) Neato CD Labels Full Coverage - 2 Up The A4 option doesn't work -- my printer gives an error and wants A4 paper inserted. The other options do not fit the Neato 2-Up US labels. In fact, every single option in my drop-down (all these APLI and Sanwa, even Avery) are all either (Japan) or (A4)! What is going on here?!? Version 7 had tons of Neato layouts. Neato 2-Up US has to be one of the most common layouts on the planet! Where do I get the US versions of all these?!?!? Thanks for any help......