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  1. After hours of trial and error maybe figured out. Slideshow was 3.1 Gig and completed production with motion menues, 6 chapters, and own audio. But video clips comprised of avi, avchd, mov, and mpeg output into one mpeg file using Videowave to next make production in MyDVD with menues, audio, etc., similar to slideshow could not be done. Solution, used Copy and Convert to convert all video clips into mpeg files, then combine all mpeg files using Videowave making sure total size of file is around 3 Gig to be able to add motion menues, audio, etc., and making sure when in MyDvd chapters made are not too close together. One production completed using these methods. Will try another. Did not have problems producing before when I used Roxio 2008 and didn't use AVCHD clips. I got Creator 2010, then NXT, and panasonic camcorder T900 that records in AVCHD, and I think Creator 2010 and NXT have difficulty with AVCHD video clips.
  2. Create slideshow with 110-150 pictures, create file (mpeg), to be produced in MyDVD with menus and chapters. Can only make 6 chapters. NXT hangs when trying to access more than 6 chapters created. Does this have to do with amount of RAM on ones computer?
  3. In MyDvd, I click the movie to highlight it, then on left side I click "Edit Chapters". A pop up window comes up. I play movie and each time I want to add a chapter I click "Add Chapter". On right side, chapters are added. And as you mentioned, 99 of these can be made. But if I make too many, say 7+, MyDvd hangs.
  4. I don't change the menu style when first start MyDvd. I change the button style, change menu backgrounds to 30-120 second motion menues, and change menu audio picking my own. Sometimes I do change quality to HQ but sometimes get red bar meaning production is now too long so adjust. Now before using MyDvd my production starts in VideoWave where I put a number of video clips together to make one mpeg file. Once VideoWave outputs or makes this one video file I bring this file into MyDvd. For Slideshows I use Roxio Slideshow Assistant. Sometimes I create a file at the end of Assistant and sometimes send to VideoWave to make an mpeg file. From Roxio Slideshow Assistant or VideoWave, the file produced is brought into MyDvd. The hanging occurs in MyDvd.
  5. Use VideoWave to put together video clips and make one video file. Send to MyDvd - have one title (video). Create chapters by clicking video then "edit chapters". I create motion menues sometime 60 seconds long. I change menu audio, pick own. Change video type from bottom screen SP, Long Play, Fit Disc, etc. depending on get "red" colour. Been playing with video length in VideoWave, size of motion menues, and how many video clips that make up the one video file before sending to MyDvd to find problem. Complete video file is sometimes 40+ minutes. Is there a maximum? - thought this would be based on type of computer, RAM, processor, etc. When making SlideShow do similar things in MyDVD.
  6. And, hangs both laptop and desktop. If not RAM then processor/power? Computer Specs: Desktop: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core Processor 2.7 GHz 3.00 GB RAM (2.75 GB usable) 32-bit OS Laptop: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00GHz 4.00 GB RAM (3.87 usable) 64-bit OS Sure would like to do 99 chapters.
  7. This is correct. Say 120+ pixs on slideshow created via "create slideshow" sent to Videowave for editing then to MyDvd to make menues and chapters. In MyDvd, NXT (as did Creator 2010) if make more than 6+ chapters, thus more pages, program hangs/does not respond. Same with videos if say create 40+ min of video in Videowave, send to MyDvd, program hangs.
  8. greenice

    Upgrade To C2012

    Used Roxio/Creator products since 2004/5 I think. Using C2010 for a few years. Will C2012: 1. Convert/put DVD disc made by C2010 onto hardrive, menues and music and all, to be played from computer to tele via cable box? 100s of DVD discs taking up too much room. 2. Handle/keep quality of DSLR images? Planning on getting DSLR camera. 3. Handle/keep quality 1080p video from camcorder better than C2010. Have Panasonic HD camcorder.
  9. greenice

    How To Re-Edit After Burn

    Answer found. Trying Media Import. Capture DVD drive. Output MPEG to hardrive.
  10. greenice

    How To Re-Edit After Burn

    After making and burning using MyDVD, how does one recapture video from disc to re-edit, for example, to add menues?
  11. greenice

    Mpeg-4 Audio/video Convert

    Thanks. Audio extension is .m4a Will use 2010 on new Panasonic TM90 camcorder which records mp4 in HD.
  12. Have Creator 2010. Thinking 2012. Can program convert MPEG-4 Audio or Video files for editing?
  13. After opening PhotoSuite to edit photos, at first can open, say 35 photos, edit, save all, then close all, when I go to open more photos can only open 3-5 at a time. Tried closing program and rebooting computer so I can open more photos. Not work.
  14. Is it possible to output/save to hardrive, a MyDVD production as one file, say .avi, so that one can stream it/view it to T.V.? Similarly, reproduce/save a MyDVD production now on DVD disc to hardrive as one file, say .avi, file?
  15. greenice

    Mydvd Production As One File For Streaming

    I'm new to the streaming method but thought I'd use Windows 7. If better program and file format other than avi please let me know. It seems you want me to go to Videowave from MyDVD, my production have menues, and from Videowave output as an avi file, which I have done before sending avi file to Facebook or YouTube, is this what you are saying? I will try the Copy and Convert to avi which I can store on hardrive. If this works I can do same with productions in MyDvd, create file folder, then use Copy and Convert. Usually go this way when making DVD discs.
  16. 1. How does one burn a MyDVD production with menues to hardrive so that one can play it wirelessly to television rather than burn to disc to play on DVD player? 2. How does one copy a MyDVD production with menues on DVD disc to hardrive so that one can play the copy wirelessly to television?
  17. Roxio Media Import sees the DVC170 from Pinnacle Studio however sends back capture error. Therefore, is there a VCR video capture hardware in the market that Creator can use and Windows 7 does not have a problem with?
  18. Did it. Got it. Re-editing. Thank you.
  19. Is it possible to re-edit a DVD Disc made by MyDVD after files used to make the DVD were deleted?
  20. I will record to do more research. Sometimes did not have problems using same camcorder with EMC10. I did capture, edit, and output in 16:9. And sometimes I couldn't. Only had EMC10 for a year before getting Creator 2010. Trimmed meaning taking complete video and trimming to say, 2 min.
  21. How does one burn a movie made from MyDVD to the hardrive to store and play later, i.e. to TV rather than burn to disc? Tried burn as iso file and file set onto hardrive but these cannot be played using Cineplayer. Cineplayer plays if iso file burned onto DVD disc.
  22. There are many other media players that can play ISO files? The homemade DVDs when burned on hardrive as Video TS, i.e. so I can easily make more than one copy, I have tried to play using Creator 10 media player, Windows Media Player, and Windows 7 Media Center, all without success - I can just open the folders.
  23. Canon ZR45. Capture using Creator 10 - project settings 16:9.
  24. The problem starts when capture from camcorder. Settings 16:9 capture. Videowave settings 16:9. Trim to have as background in MyDVD. MyDVD settings 16:9 but, the trimmed background is 4:3.
  25. greenice

    16 by 9 production

    Videowave brings video in as 4:3 even though choose "new production 16:9", therefore, even though setting in MyDVD is 16:9 the video background from Videowave is 4:3. How do I get Videowave to bring it in as 16:9? Additionally, Capture Video from camcorder is set to capture 16:9. So doing things in 16:9 and still get 4:3.