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  1. IVP

    Reached My Activation Limit Please Help

    I have tried contacting them by email - They do not respond to my emails Do you have a contact for them that does work and they will respond on? Thanks
  2. After a Hard drive failure and then an SSD drive issue I have RMA'ed the SSD and reinstalled everything, I have managed to re activate ALL my software without question YET I am again having issues with DVDitPro HD I own both 6.3 AND 6.4 having legitimate S/N for both - YET I CANNOT ACTIVATE either of them. Can anyone help with this issue please....Just when I thought things were going good with this software
  3. IVP

    Bring Back Dvditpro Hd

    COME on ROXIO the marketplace needs this software This software is still being used by many - updates and support - it works and works well!!! and there is little else out there that works as well and as intuitive
  4. As above Feed DVDit with compliant files already in the Mpeg 2 sd or HD and works like a charm........ I dont let DVDit encode video from avi -
  5. Dear ROXIO I have been using this product for some time and I had decided not to use it because of a distinct lack of support.......but I have re-installed it on my new PC and its working very well!!! so much so I have NOT purchased SONY DVD ARCHITECT PRO or the TAW 5 programme I was looking at to replace it COME ON DONT MISS OUT HERE - PLENTY OF USERS WANT THIS SIMPLE WORKFLOW AND GREAT RESULTS AND FLEXIBILITY - producing BD-R or DVD - R is easy on this intuitive easy logical workflow software package!!! DONT MISS THIS BY stopping its production sale and support!!!! JUST LOOK AT THE OTHER OFFERINGS OUT THERE AND LOOK AT THE ISSUES PEOPLE ARE HAVING.........They are so complicated or worse way to simplistic and lack control or are way to expensive.... Please listen and do the research.......!!!!!!!!!
  6. IVP

    Windows 7 Issues

    Well its looking like DVDit Pro HD is working ok on my system now and works very well ROXIO - This is a great piece of software!!!!!!!! it does what is says on the tin DONT DROP IT - Re launch it with updateS and support - the marketplace needs DVDitPR HD many people are struggling with other applications that are so much more less intuitive - come on dont miss out
  7. UREKA!! My windows 7 64 bit seems to be working very well! After a shaky start with a faulty drive, I have installed a new one and its looking good so far
  8. MPPais - and others thanks for the help! After a busy time I have built up a fair amount of Blu-ray orders I have been putting them off for a while..... Anyway, I have upgraded my pc to Win 7 64 bit and I am hoping DVDit pro HD will work on my new pc Is this a try it and see situation - I can see NO support or patch for use with WIN 7 64 at all - any pointers would be great!! Thanks in advance Are Roxio still helping us users out?
  9. IVP

    Windows 7 Issues

    Hi MPPais Intrested to know IF your DVD-IT pro HD is a release before win 7 was released or is it a compatible with win 7 version - also How did you activate the softawre once installed - over the net automatically? Thanks in advance
  10. I bought DVDitPROHD a few years ago and have been using it for DVD and BD-R creation to good effect Today I tryed to run it and an activation code is now needed? I activated it when it was bought - when I try to use the on line activation it reports serial number not valid I had initial errors and they were sorted out By Scott and I have no issues since - The only thing that has changed recently is my CPU from a quad 2.4 ghz to a quad 3.0 ghz Please help I have come to rely on this software now and will be behind in my work if I cant get it to run win xp32bit pro Many thanks Cath
  11. mjolnarn - Yes thats what I have been doing - BUT it would be good to be able to view which menu it is I want to use I have about 14 or so at resent and as I do follow up work I use a clients menu time and time again with some small updates. I can continue as is but - even DVD WORKSHP had this functional ability - I am sure its here I cant find anything in the help file Anyone shed any light.....
  12. I have made several menu's I would like to use over and over, sort of a corporate thread in a set of DVD's But I cant see how to save my creations as a template, can anyone help - I think its a case of I cant see the wood for the trees Thanks in advance - Cath
  13. IVP

    Default Button Selection Dvd It Prohd

    So this then is a forced button selection and can be achieved! page 138 and 139 of the pdf instruction book
  14. I have tried to download the update for the ENGINE listed on the download section but it just send me to the support section! Then support tells me I need to pay for any upgrades, 6.4 is available but will be classed as a paid upgrade. I have had many software packages in my time and the .X OR THE INCRIMENTS BETWEEN FULL NUMBER VERSIONS ARE FREE is this not the case with DVDITPROHD Sorry if this is a NO BRAINER to some, just my experience. Have owned DVDITPROHD for a while But only just started to use it and so far I am happy, but would have liked some more features Cath
  15. IVP

    Can I Fade A Menu Out?

    Hi all I read some posts about fading menu's I would like to polish my projects a little... I have a menu with 6 buttons and when a chapter button is selected I would like the menu to fade off the screen to the start of the film. Is this only available in more high end aplications? OR do I have to use some forward thinking and include the menu within the original film to get the fade affect? Cath