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    Toast 10 Nad Video Streaming Capture...

    I really don't think you can save streaming web video with Toast 10. Like I mentioned you can put your own videos in toast and then you will get a link to Roxio's site so you can stream them to your iPhone through the web. To capture streaming video you can use a program like IshowU and save it to your iPhone. There is also products that will capture youtube videos.
  2. BrewserB

    Toast 10 Nad Video Streaming Capture...

    Where did it mention capturing? As far as I can tell you can stream your own video's and log into their website to stream the video to another PC, ipod, or iPhone. That's about it.
  3. BrewserB

    Toast 10?

    I called them this afternoon and the lady told me you don't get the plug-in with the $59.99 upgrade. It only comes with the full product. I told her I got an email this morning about the price being $99.99 with a $20 instant rebate so the price really is $79.99 for the upgrade and not $59.99. Basically you save $20 and that is it. Their upgrade prices are way too high especially if they offer an new version in less then a year. Most companies give you the upgrade for less then 1/2 of the retail price.
  4. BrewserB

    Toast 10?

    What do you mean by this? It shows on their website that you get the plug-in for free with Toast 10 until Feb, 5th. I just ordered this morning and I still don't have the plug-in. I emailed support but haven't heard anything. Anyone know when we are to expect this plug-in?
  5. Have you tried to burn it directly from Finder as he first shows in the video?
  6. How do you guys get the LG drive to work with Toast 9.0.2? I PM'd Patatrox but have not heard back. I read you need a beta update. Can anyone email that to me? Just PM me and I will send you my email address. Thanks for your help.
  7. BrewserB

    Fcp Chapter Markers

    The one problem with DVD Studio Pro is it doesn't output to blu-ray format unless you have a secret ;-)
  8. BrewserB

    Blurry Motion On Bluray

    I finally got everything working with FCS2 and encoding HD with ProRes 30P setting. I set Toast 9 to MPEG2 format and burned a standard dvd to Blu-Ray. The picture looks pretty good but you are right - if there is any motion there is a lot of ghosting. Maybe I am not doing something right but my QT file runs fine on my Mac but the final results in both Sony 300 and PS3 show a lot of ghosting for motion. Have you got any better suggestions for encoding? Thanks for the help.