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  1. I have two light scribe drives installed, other than running virtual machines, is there any way to burn multiple light scribe labels at one time on separate drives? Thanks, Don
  2. My system has two Light Scribe drives in it, I would like to be able to print two labels at a time, but I don't see how that is possible. Once I start the print operation I can't do anything in label creator until the print operation is done. I also don't see how I can run multiple copies of the label creator on one PC at the same time. On my old system I used a virtual PC to run the second drive. Any thoughts? Thanks, Don
  3. No, I actually have 3 monitors; 2 of them are Samsung SyncMaster 225BW and the third is a Samsung SyncMaster 245BW which is my primary monitor. I have the 245BW in the middle of the 225BW so when I switch an item from the primary to either of the secondary monitors the screen resolution changes. Perhaps that has some effect on it. Don
  4. Yeah that is what I am doing, I'm more curious if it is a known bug. I'm running a quad core system with 8gb of ram, so I don't think it is a hardware problem, but, who knows. Thanks, Don
  5. donl517

    You've got to be kidding me!

    LOL, Now there is a DoH! moment for you. I guess I have gotten so frustrated with having to jump through hoops that I never tried that. I'm well aware of Ctrl+Enter, so that is my own stupidity. Yes it would be nice if you could set some defaults. (Default Template, Default Program, etc...) Poking around to try and figure things out is what has caused all the frustration. Especially when, while poking around, you realize the options you really want aren't there. Thanks for the help, I'll try and control my ranting. Don
  6. donl517

    You've got to be kidding me!

    Jim, So there is no way in the 2009 Ultimate edition to make it default to opening the full blown label creator, correct? Is there a way to make a text box allow you to use the enter key to start a new line without exiting the text box? Thanks, Don
  7. Sorry, I never realized you posted a response to this question. To answer your questions, Yes and Yes. Thanks, Don
  8. donl517

    You've got to be kidding me!

    Uh yes I do answer my posts, apparently I'm not getting email notifications of responses, which I thought were turned on. Your response: "This is about LightScribe, but should put you on the right path…If not, post back" That particular day the link you provided got me going. I also made mention of this trick in my rant. Sorry if I didn't acknowledge your post. Your Response: "Not a clue what your talking about?" Again I never received an email notification, I watched it for awhile but got busy with something else and forgot about it. FWIW This post had absolutely nothing to do with label creator. Answered my own question, got a couple cute responses, no help to speak of. FWIW again this has nothing to do with label creator. Sorry for the poor record, I'll double check the email notifications. Don I'm not trying to use the lightscribe template, it is defaulting to it. It does not do that on my laptop which does not have a lightscribe drive, but on my desktop, which has lightscribe it does. Since I have only posted a question about this once, why did you answer it several times? That seems rather foolish, DoH!
  9. I have several versions of your software purchased over the years, hundreds of $$$$'s spent. So why is it the more I use your "latest and greatest" software I find my hair falling out by the handfuls!!!! This is ridiculous, how frickin' hard can you make it to create a CD label. When launching the software I get this stripped down piece of crap that doesn't allow you to do anything, so you go to the start menu and launch the "real" label creator and you start out with two stupid blue lines you can't adjust, solution: start with one of our pre made templates and just delete everything. Give me a break, why is it harder today to create labels with your software than it has ever been. K.I.S.S. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!! Why is the free stuff on the Memorex website easier and more intuitive to use than this great product you seem bound and determined to ruin. Well I for one am done with this sinking ship!! I'll just keep my $$$ from now on. Don
  10. donl517

    Label Creator

    How do you change the blue circles that define the area to print? I'm trying to put a picture in the background and I can't change these to include what I want. Thanks, Don
  11. When Moving the Video Capture screen to another monitor it chops off the video at that point. The file size does not change but when you try to view the video it starts at whatever point you made the move to the other monitor. Is this a known issue? Has anyone else seen this? Thanks, Don
  12. I can see the level indicators moving and I can play back the tracks when it is done, but is there anyway I can hear what is being recorded while it is happening? I can hear the audio when I am capturing video so why not when I'm just capturing audio? Thanks, Don
  13. donl517

    Usb Video/audio Capture Problems

    I saw a question in a post about plugging the USB device directly into a PC USB port on the back of the PC, I tried that and now I have a video signal. Seems trivial but apparently it is important!! HTH, Don
  14. I have been reading through the forums and have tried some of the suggestions but I am having no success. I have uninstalled drivers, unplugged, rebooted, plugged in, canceled message & reinstalled drivers from download. It is still not working. As with many others the only reason for purchasing the upgrade was for the Video/Audio capture, which doesn't work!!! The really frustrating part is when trying to capture Video I have audio but no video signal, but when I try to capture just audio from the SAME DEVICE WITH THE SAME MEDIA IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRYING THE VIDEO CAPTURE, I have no audio signal!! I have SP4 and when I run the updater it says there are no updates. Any thoughts? Thanks, Don
  15. donl517

    Drag To Disc

    Can you elaborate on this? Thanks, Don