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    Nec Labelflash Support

    I have the NEC ND-4551 drive with the LabelFlash option. Does Roxio support the NEC LabelFlash (NEC's version of LightScribe)? Will it at some time in the future? Can I use the LightScribe option to make my drive print on the labels?
  2. p0rky9

    2 Burners And Verify?

    I use 2 DVD burners to burn simultaneous all the time. It works fine for me. I have a Pioneer 16x 110 model and also a NEC ND-4551 16x model. When you burn to both drives at the same time, Classic Creator finds the matching media speed abilities between the two drives and those are your options for burning speeds. I can live with that feature. But, if I try to verify after burn, only the first disc will verify and it will always skip the verify on the second drive. Is this normal and is there a way to make it verify both drives?