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    Starting Toast Causes Dvd To Unmount

    Whenever I start Toast, the DVD that is currently mounted (and doing other things) gets unmounted (and stops doing other things). That seems like it may be happening because Toast is insisting that I must want to use the DVD drive with Toast. It always starts in Video/DVD Disc mode. My primary use of Toast is to convert Tivo files to something viewable on iphone. I almost never use it with DVDs. How do I stop Toast from unmounting the discs?
  2. shovland42

    H.264 Encoding And Multiple Cpu Cores

    Does Popcorn take advantage of all processor cores available? The product info pages don't seem to say anything about multiple cores. I'm currently running a Core 2 Duo Macbook but am in the market for a new Mac Pro. Will Popcorn use all eight cores for H.264 encoding? With turbo.264 I'm getting about 1:1 encoding time vs play time on Apple TV high settings. If I can boost that significantly with more/faster cores I may splurge for a bigger/badder Mac Pro.