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  1. darkcloud28

    Burner For Bluray?

    hello , i have Lacie external blu-ray burner ( they only make one model ) and it work great with Toast , and also i have sony (originally from custom build PC) but i sold the pc and keep the sony ( i put in the old xbox 360 hddvd player case ) via usb and it also works perfect and i have macpro , like You .
  2. darkcloud28

    Hd Burning Error

    and i also have the same problem , for a more then 3 months , no solutions
  3. darkcloud28

    Customer Service - Misnomer

    they Sucks !!! big time , paid so much $$ and no update for the HD problems !! and after i Email them they said , please aspect update in a next 3-4 weeks. and this was 90 weeks ago !!!!
  4. !!! , i will try this , looks like a very good solution to create a good file , did you try to convert raw EVO file from a any commercial movies ? i buck up my old HD DVD s , and i have them on my drive , i woder if i canuse compressor to convert them to any movie file with 5.1 sound , because all of them have 5.1 digital plus and i cant dongrade them for some time .... tnx
  5. darkcloud28

    Recommended Workflow For Blu-ray Burning With 5.1 Audio

    i use AC3to. , program on pc , and transfer to mac . its free and simple but i will love to see the respond from the Roxio on this topic .
  6. darkcloud28

    Blu-ray Discs Showing Up As Data Discs In Ps3

    how do You fix this?
  7. darkcloud28

    Toast Just Burn , Nothing More !

    yes they work perfect , i try 2 minutes files , and it works , but the point is to convert my movie , the big file , not just a clip . ( but now , from last night , i try to save a 19gig file as Disc image , and my toast just freeze , and after 10-20 sec the program quit unexpected . i have tivix multimedia disc , and it play disc image , but now i cant even do this . when is the update coming , this is the only solution .
  8. darkcloud28

    Burning Blue Ray On Dvd-r Media

    i say the same thing but loud :) not working !!!
  9. darkcloud28

    Compressing Unauthored Vob

    use popcorn -fit to dvd -option
  10. darkcloud28

    Toast Just Burn , Nothing More !

    YES , i wiil keep my tone low , how can i do something with i dont need ? i have large m2ts files ,i dont need to do small files. I have the new VideoHub for apple , and convert m2ts file to dvd video in 56 min, works perfect i did get 7.8 gig of file, but only stereo sound. and the same file on Toast = ERROR -50 , or 900mb , but no sound and haos in the files order. how can i cut 19-30 gig m2ts file in small ones ?
  11. darkcloud28

    Bitrate And Size On Disc

    from my experince You can only go up to 9000 bitrate .
  12. darkcloud28

    Toast Just Burn , Nothing More !

    i did describe ........ its simple : i go to convert: i drag m2ts file (size 19-30 gig) i press :convert to ps3 , auto -high i press : the red thing and i wait : after 5 seconds i heve ERROR -50 and if i try to convert this file to dvd video ts i also have the same ERROR , or my file looks like crap and its only 900 mb big . now anything i try to convert its not working , i can only burn blu ray data disc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: how many times do i have to say this : WHY DO I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE PROGRAM WHICH COSTS SO MUCH $$$$ , AND ITS SAY -THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR THE HD AND BLU RAY ???????
  13. darkcloud28

    Toast Just Burn , Nothing More !

    no reply !!!!!!!! (((((( what the ....... i convert m2ts last night to ps3 , the motion its to slow ....and i did on auto-high . soooooo , please answer , do something . ps.go to apple forum -apple.com to see what others ar saying ....
  14. darkcloud28

    Update (when Will There Be A Update From 9.0.2)?

    see what they say to me : ther is no problem !! (( i cant use the program , only to burn disc !! i can do this with apple program , for free !!
  15. darkcloud28

    Error -50 When Trying To Convert .tivo Files

    the same problem , get error 50 when i try to convert any file , ts , m2ts , evo .(((( and no help from the Big Boss