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  1. Is it possible to convert a Nero slide show to a EMC 10 show. I need to put chapters in my shows and Nero doesn't support still photo shows with chapters. EMC 10 does but I would like to be able to convert the existing shows with out having to build each one over again. Anyone have a idea how to do that??? TIA!
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    Text On A Picture

    I am a new user to E.M.C 10. I am trying to make a slide show from some of my photos. Its is a blast. I am having on minor problem and that is controlling the text on a photo. My wife likes to have the date so some comment about the people in the photo on the photo. I can get it there but I find it hard to get it to stay only on the single pict. I guess I don't have a good hand with the mouse. It takes me several tries to get the label on only the one photo. Is there a way to set a default so the text is only on one photo?? TIA! Ben R