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    Extract Only Audio From Video Files?

    I have a DVD with video recordings. See DVD folders in attachment for details of file types. I'd like to simply get all of the audio as .mp3 audio files. Any idea how to do this? Its certainly not intuitive from the interface... Thanks Mark
  2. I'm not sure I understand this - I bought Roxio VHS to DVD last year, when I had OS X 10.7. It didn't work right and I had to return it because it was not made to run on anything after OS X 10.6. I'm now running OS X 10.8 - Does Roxio have something that works on this? What is Roxio Video Capture? I don't see it in their list of products?
  3. I just bought this and am testing it out. I had been using Elgato, but it would never work with my laptops, for some reason they could never figure out. I have been using Toast for years, and have been reasonably satisfied with it, so I was pretty stunned by the user interface on this Easy VHS - it looks like it was designed by forward-thinking neanderthals on a cave wall, anticipating the future need for such software. The screen is miniature, and there are almost NO options?! I can stop recording after 1-3 hours, or not stop - that's it?! Did anyone there LOOK at a VHS player or cassette designing this?! I know most of your developers were probably born after VHS went out of favor, but you could have ASKED someone?! Most VHS tapes go for 2 HOURS, and some can even go 6-8 HOURS?! WHY NOT a few more auto stop options?! I have a TON of long VHS tapes I want to convert, and many run for 4 hours or more... I'd like to start this before I go to bed or to work, and come back later without recording hours of blue screen?! Also, why no option to ramp up the volume record level? That would be handy. Another thing that would be nice is a "pause" in recording, without stopping the entire record process entirely... The worst of all of this is really the quality of the resulting video is really poor. I've used Elgato video capture and the quality is much better. I'd like to get this refunded from Roxio if I can figure out how to get a response from them?!
  4. MarkSeattle

    Converting From Vhs?

    I'm not an expert in this at all... I've converted audio tapes to MP3 using Griffin tools, which was pretty easy. I imagine its just as easy with this Toast. This Toast 9 looks like I can use it to convert a bunch of old VHS tapes with stuff my wife wants to keep. What do I need to convert the VCR output into something digital into the Mac so Toast 9 can burn it onto a DVD? What's out there to use, and what is good and what should be avoided!? Thanks! Mark