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  1. BostonPhil

    An Error Occurred During Rendering

    Hi Digital Guru, Thanks for the quick reply. I changed the Render Using option from Hardware to Software and left the "Enable Intel® Enhanced for Core/NVIDIA CUDA®/ATI Stream® technology to speed up video render" checkbox alone. It exported an MP4 just fine. Thanks for your help. By the way, I understand what you mean about the old version. I'm in a time crunch right now, but can upgrade later. I assume the latest version is: Roxio Creator NXT 4. Is the User Interface much different? I assume that the project files (dmsm) import into the new version fine. Again, thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate it. Phil
  2. Hello, I'm using a Gateway Desktop with 8GB of RAM and an Intel® Core i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz processor. The O/S is Windows 10 Pro. I'm using Roxio VideoWave from the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro suite. I'm using the menu Output / Export As... from the pull down menu's. On the pop-up screen I've chosen All/NTSC, AVC better quality and have put in the proper file name. When I press the Create Video File button I get another pop-up with the ATI Stream Technology in the background and then a message: "Roxio Videowave / Error / An error occured during rendering". There is just an OK button to accept. The word "occurred" is misspelled in the error message. This isn't a lot to go on. I have no idea what the problem is. Have you seen this type of thing before? Are there logs anywhere? Thanks for looking at this. I appreciate the help. Phil
  3. BostonPhil

    Avchd To The Most Dense Output

    That's what I'm seeing. That's why I'm wondering if you can tell me if it's Codec related or or MTS related or something like that.
  4. BostonPhil

    Avchd To The Most Dense Output

    Started with a 16:9 project My Purpose = All My Video File Quality defaulted to Blu-ray AVC LP (NTSC) My Video = Sonic Solutions AVC/H.264 Video Encoder, 1440 x 1080, 29.97 fps, interlaced My Audio = MainConcept AAC Encoder, stereo 48KHz, 16 bit. I'm on Windows 7 64bit SP1 with 8Gb RAM FYI
  5. BostonPhil

    Avchd To The Most Dense Output

    Yup! Double-checked it, looking very closely at the screen shots. It's exactly as you have it, except I do not have "Same As Original" as an option. FWIW my camera is Canon HF200. I downloaded the latest update of ZoomBrowser from the web. I have the same result. I just don't see the "Same As Original" option. Phil
  6. BostonPhil

    Avchd To The Most Dense Output

    Hi Jim, That did the trick. I just hadn't considered the aspect ratio. When I went to Output / Export As, I received the Make Movie pop-up with a lot more choices. But the Video File Quality drop down still did not have the choice "Same As Original" like you did in your screen shot. It defaulted to the choice "Blu-ray AVC LP (NTSC)". That seemed to be the same quality as the MTS original. At least to the naked eye it's the same. So thanks for all your help. Now it's a point of curiosity. Why wouldn't I receive the "Same As Original" choice? Is it that VideoWave can't export to MTS? Am I missing a codec and VideoWave chose the next best thing? Just makes me wonder if I'm missing out on something. Again, thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. Phil
  7. BostonPhil

    Avchd To The Most Dense Output

    Hi Jim, In VideoWave (Creator 12) I click on Output / Export. The problem is that I'm having a hard time finding a format that is high quality. The big file, xxxx.MTS is of high quality. But I can't seem to choose anything that is of similar quality. Ie tried several with "Best Qualiity" but they are nowhere as good as the original MTS. Any insights / suggestions? Many Thanks. Phil
  8. BostonPhil

    Avchd To The Most Dense Output

    Hello. I upgraded to Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. It opens the MTS without converting it. After I split up the MTS files into smaller pieces, how do I save them in the original MTS format? (MTS / AVCHD video with a data rate of 6877 kbps, Frame of 29fps, 1440W and 1080H) Thanks for your help
  9. BostonPhil

    Avchd To The Most Dense Output

    Hi Digital Guru, I shouldn't have used the word "Chapters". I meant that I want to break up the large file into smaller ones, yes. If I upgrade to something like Roxio Creator 2012 Pro, what will it do when it imports my MTS file. Will it convert it to an MPG file like the 2009 version or will it convert it to something that is a little more dense? Thanks for the reply.
  10. BostonPhil

    Avchd To The Most Dense Output

    Hello, I'm using the Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate on a Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate O/S on a 2.8Ghz processor with 8GB of RAM. I captured hours of Video from work for a project. A lot of this involved my camera on a tripod pointing to a laptop monitor. Not very high-tech capture, but I had just a few hours to prepare this one-time-only presentation. I'm trying to break several large video files (1.9GB) into Chapters. I'll put these chapters on a Jive server at work for my team to view. When I import the Video file from the camera (MTS / AVCHD video with a data rate of 6877 kbps, Frame of 29fps, 1440W and 1080H) the VideoWave application wants to convert it. It converts it to an MPG. I can break up the big file into little chapters easily enough. I've been experimenting with output formats. It seems that none of the ones I've tried thus far give a good output format. The original large file in MTS format renders well enough when it's uploaded to the Jive server, but I need it broken into smaller chapters, and I just can't seem to choose something with a high quality. Space is no issue on the Jive server. What do you recommend? Thanks
  11. BostonPhil

    Roxio Videoconvert Crashes

    I have the exact same config and same problem.
  12. Hello, I have Roxio Creator 2009 SP3. Good package! I also have the USB device that was recommended on the web site. I have a number of VHS tapes that I want to convert to DVD. I capture them using the DV (AVI) option. As I undestand it, that is the highest quality. Can you confirm that please? It produces about a 17GB file for a 1hr 20minute video. Once the video is captured into and AVI file, I use MY DVD to make chapters, set thumbnails, change audio, etc. and it produces a nice output format. The problem is the quality. It's just not as good as if I were playing the tape directly. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to enhance the quality either on the capture end (AVI vs ?) or on the DVD creation end (Progressive vs Interlaced maybe?) FYI, my OS is Vista Home Premium, 4GB RAM and lots of disk space. Thanks for all your help.