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  1. Ill try to defrag...but I hardly have anything on this computer at all...its only 2 years old and is a Pentium 4. Surpirsed if it is the disk space that stops this product midstream when it trys to convert to MPEG 4...I have all the other requirements and I am simply trying to convert this to put it into ITunes to play on my Apple TV. Didnt think it was going to be this complicated when I purchased Crunch. Ill try something else I guess. Should I try saving this file in a different format?
  2. Its not a problem with the video since I have tried several Windows Media files and it seems when I switch to Apple TV Fastest it completes its transfer on the first stage and then seems to stop in the middle of the second stage about 30% and says completed....when I tried it in other settings of Apple TV it wont even go through the first stage at all...it just stops halfway and says completed...I see nothing as a transfer in ITtunes folders. the video plays fine in the crunch viewing section. I even tried saving it to my hard drive. I have a 512K hard drive on my computer and a 140G Apple TV so thats not the issue. Saving it to my hard drive makes a Quicktime move but when I try to view it on quicktime, it wont allow me to pull it up...the home video is standard tape and I downloaded to Windows Movie Maker does this help?? I am just not sure what the problem is. thanks
  3. Im using the Windows version of Crunch and it stated in the Help areas that Windows media files are transferable...so thats why I am confused. I can understand MAC but Windows?? Why so difficult to converta simple media WMV file to MPEG 4? Please help!
  4. I see in the help and instructions for this software crunch can convert any type of file including WMV....so what types does this home movie need to be in? When I convert a home movie, what conversion should I be doing it in to crunch it to an MPEG 4?? any help would be appreciated
  5. I am trying to convert a home video to copy to Itunes and every time I do it, it goes to about 50% and then says completed and wont register the transfer properly. I have tried this several times. The videos are in WMV format and play fine on media player and are about 40 minutes long I have tried Apple TV Fastest, Apple TV standard and Apple TVE Highest... nothing works... any help?