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  1. st.The quality of the original of video influences the quality of iMovie post processed product. In looking at the video of a title font used made me suspect, or at least hope, that my camcorder setting on my Sony HDR-SR11 was not full HD. Checked the camera and it was std HD (1440x1080) and never set to the highest quality HD like I thought it was. Dumb, Dumb. Still can't make a silk purse...

  2. Re: various formats from iMovie '11 into Toast Titanium '11 PRO. In iMovie if you have a video and post process it thru the use of "Share/MediaBrowser" you can create a visible file that ranges any where from mobile (480x720) up to HD 1080p (1920x1080). Each of these that are post processed show up under PRO Media/Video/iMovie/iMovie Projects/Particular Project. Then drag to Toa...

  3. iMovie '11 videos with chapters show up on blu-ray disc created by Toast 11 PRO as numbers instead of names. Can this be edited to replace the numbers with actual chapter names?
  4. As an experiment, five versions of the same movie shared from" iMovie/Share/Media Browser" (mobile,medium, large, 720p and 1080p) were burned to a Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray disc shows all five versions but only mobile, large and 720p open up to menu with the chapters shown and then plays each chapter successfully. Any ideas why PRO is selective?
  5. buzweiser

    Copying A Homemade Dvd

    I was using Video and not Disc Copy. DVD player was on. I did turn off the DVD player, continued using Video and was successful. Thanks.
  6. buzweiser

    Copying A Homemade Dvd

    In trying to copy a homemade DVD with Toast Titanium (10.0.8) and using MAC OSX 10.6.6. Without starting copying, Toast immediately points to a Mac OS X error number 1634955892. In looking up this error code I find an Apple Article: TA26910 entitled "DVD Player: "DVD Player encountered a serious error" Alert. Note that DVD player plays this homemade DVD without any apparent problem. The TA suggest removing a framework entitled "HIServices" from "System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/". This framework is not in my "System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/" Any suggestion about what might resolve my problem? I presently am placing this question to the Apple OS Community.
  7. TT 7.1.3 in 10.5.2 and MacBookPro C2D, will not activate with name/password.