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    can't burn Video disc, CAN Audio & Data

    I've tried numerous files, most which I successfully burned before -- all with the same result. I've also successfully burned the new file as Data. "Thinking aloud" here -- and not really knowing much of the technical end . . . I have two burners and two versions of Toast which all create the same bad result . . . what one thing could affect all 4 elements -- or two at a time (either the burners or the programs)? (I've often had this happen to me with medical problems, where the specialist says 'I've never seen anything like this' -- that's NOT the time to be unique!)
  2. BobinLV

    can't burn Video disc, CAN Audio & Data

    I will try that, thanks. Isn't it odd that it happens on two different versions of Toast on two different OS?
  3. BobinLV

    can't burn Video disc, CAN Audio & Data

    Same result -- -36, I/O error (tho on Toast 8, it says the disc may be copy-protected . . . an anachronism since there's no disc involved!) I'm hoping that since the error is consistent it is easier to discern the problem? (there's no praying icon)
  4. For years, I have used Toast without a problem. It worked one day recently and literally the next day it didn’t. My problem is with creating a “Video” – audio and data discs are no problem, even using the same media rejected by “Video.” It starts to encode, then I get a “Result code -36" error message: Could not record the disc because of an I/O error.” I have tried numerous discs . . . I have an external and internal drive and the same problem happens with both. I have reloaded Toast . . . all with the same results. I have Toast 6 on one OS and Toast 8 on another – the problem occurs on both. (I know this is for Toast 9, but it’s the closest I can come.) Any suggestions -- and thanks in advance!
  5. BobinLV

    Adjust Time Between Dvd Videos?

    In Toast 8, is there any way to adjust the length of time between videos when burning a DVD? I like the "Continuous Play" function in burning, but the finished product has black for several seconds between the videos. Thanks!