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    How To Burn Video_ts To Watch On Tv Dvd Player

    I want copies for my family members. Thanks
  2. crunchnovice

    How To Burn Video_ts To Watch On Tv Dvd Player

    Hi, I bought Crunch only to realize that I'm an idiot and didn't pay attention to the part where it says you can play converted files only on your computer (unless you hook you computer up to the tv, which I don't want to do). So, I have tons of DVDs that are Video_TS folders with .BUP, .IFO, .VOB files and there are no Audio_TS files on the list, but the dvds do have audio. I am wanting to burn the dvds into a format that will allow me to play them on a regular dvd player that's connected to the tv- can I use Toast to do this? if so, which version? Oh, I have a Mac OS X 10.4.11 2 GB. I have iDVD, itunes, Quicktime Player, MPEG streamclip- don't know if any of this matters. Thanks in advance for help.
  3. crunchnovice

    Video_ts Conversion Poor Pic Quality

  4. crunchnovice

    Video_ts Conversion Poor Pic Quality

    I have a bunch of home movies that are all Video_TS files. I bought Crunch and converted my first DVD to .m4v and the picture is terrible. It looks like the picture is made up of distinct boxes- are they pixels? Can I fix this somehow? I am a computer/software dummy, so advice in laymen's terms would be appreciated. Am I going to have to try to get a refund and search for a new program or what? This is a bummer. Oh, and it takes an eternity for the files to convert- anything I can do about that? (assuming I should still even use this program). Oh, I'm transferring them immediately to itunes if that matters.