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  1. astramerit

    Slide Show Audio Background Music On My Dvd

    Thanks for the info Guru. That has done what I wanted to do Very grateful to you. Jim
  2. Any help appreciated thank you. I have made a slide show in videowave and added a sound track of several tunes joined together to last about 50 minutes. Have burned it to a DVD using MY DVD. Everything works very well except that I have used the wrong audio track. Is there a way to remove the background music completely so that I can add the correct audio files. I cannot find a way to remove it from the production. Thank you for reading. Jim.
  3. astramerit

    Videowave problem.

    I hope that Walt will accept my humble apologies for not reading his post properly. I'm probably getting to old and the grey matter not working fast enough. (nearly 80) Sorry to Frank as well! However, your help has been great and thank you all. Jim.
  4. astramerit

    Videowave problem.

    You're right again Frank. I found that Directx wasn't even loaded on my computer so I installed it and now everything is working good. I'm grateful for the help and the solution. Kind regards, Jim.
  5. astramerit

    Videowave problem.

    Hi Frank, Thanks for replying. However after spending nearly all weekend trying to sort this out, I finally found the answer and it was so simple. On the page where you make the video production, click on Tools at top of page then options. The drop down has a heading at the top called "Render Using" and under that you have the choice to select either hardware or software graphics test. Mine was set on Hardware but when I changed it to Software, the problem was cured immedietley. Haven't got a clue what it meant but I had tried everything in desperation. Many thanks again Frank for trying to help me. Regards, Jim.
  6. astramerit

    Videowave problem.

    I recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium and found that all my Creator 9 works OK with the exception of one niggling fault in videowave. When making a slide show and I have put all my pictures in, I can view a preview of the photos and it it plays OK. But when I add a transition between the pictures this happens. After a picture which is in landscape format and the next picture is in portrait format. They overlap on screen and the landscape is showing on both sides of the portrait. Previously both sides of the portrait have always been black, or whatever colour I have the background set for. This only happens when I have the production set to include transitions. If I remove the transitions then all is fine. Wonder if this is caused in any way by Windows 7. Will it still happen if I buy the latest Creator 2010 Cheers. Jim.
  7. astramerit

    adding video clips to videowave production

    Downloaded "Any Video Converter" and it is a cracker. It also joins several MP3 tracks together so that the music lasts the whole slide show production. Many many thanks again. I am all set up now. Regards, Jim.
  8. astramerit

    adding video clips to videowave production

    Hi Steve, Only two cables came with camera. One connects camera to USB on computer and transfers all pictures and video clips in exactly the same format as the card reader does. Second cable connects camera to TV. I found a converter program on line that quite easily converts the MOV file to AVI so I tried it and it works perfect and Vieowave will accept them with no problem. Only snag is that the converter program costs a yearly fee and I only use it about twice a year. The free version that I tried has a watermark across the centre of the picture. Would be pleased if anyone knows a cheap or free converter. You've bee a good help to me and appreciate it. Cheers, Jim.
  9. astramerit

    adding video clips to videowave production

    Thanks for that information. I use a card reader and move the clips from the card on to computer. The icon is quick time movie .MOV I also use a canon supershot camera and those icons are marked MVI. These are accepted in videowave no problem so I guess my only way out is to use the Canon for movie clips. Many thanks for helping me. Very much appreciated. Cheers, Jim
  10. Many times I have made some excellent slide shows in videowave and have used both still pictures and video clips from my panasonic FZ18 camera. Now it will not accept the camera video clips but have no trouble in loading the still photographs. Everything works perfect except that I can't include the cameras video clips any more. I use Vista ultimate with Roxio easy media creator 9 suite. Can't think that I do anything different than I have always done. Any help is appreciated. Jim
  11. astramerit

    Backup my PC in EMC7.5

    Job complete Terry, All backups are now gone. Now to backup the whole computer again. Many thanks again. Jim
  12. astramerit

    Backup my PC in EMC7.5

    Thanks Terry, spot on. Don't know why I couldn't find that myself. It's my age you know. Cheers, Jim
  13. I have been using Backup my PC for some months now. I back up once a week and there are so many backups showing and I would like to delete them all except the last one. Is there a way to do this? Jim.
  14. astramerit

    Missing Cd/rw Drive

    Sorry to but in . I had exactly this same problem after reinstalling EMC7.5 and I have followed your instructions to the letter. I was amazed to find both my drives have returned immediately. I have been playing about for 2 full days trying to sort it out. So I am extremely grateful for your advice Again, appologies for breaking in to your thread. Jim.
  15. astramerit

    Drag To Disc

    Wasn't able to cure the trouble so I have done a complete restore of Windows and it all works fine now. Only trouble now is that both my CD-RWR and my DVD RWR will not work. Have uninstalled them and reinstalled them to no effect. Thanks anyway for your help. Jim. Have just seen another posters message on the same subject. I followed the advice given to him and now everything is back to normal. Jim