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  1. Follow up- The free offered upgrade from Roxio/Sonic is, as suspected, version 9.05 XE (another 'lite' version). Don't waste your time installing it as I did- for one thing, it is not possible to add chapters to your movies in this version. My problem with not being able to render a complete DVD with 8.2XE turns out (apparently) to be another 'lite' limitation. It now seems to be true that you can only produce an ISO intermediate file of something less than 2GB, at which point it just stops working. DIVX and other required codecs, if required and installed, have no effect on this glitch. DVDs made from one or more short avi files can be rendered properly, as long as the finished ISO size is less than ~2GB. My conclusion is that one should never try to use an intentionally crippled/lite version of a Roxio/Sonic product.
  2. Brendon- My initial problem was a failure of 8.2XE to process 3 avi files in the creation of a DVD. I described it up above, in post #11. A friend has now suggested that I might be trying to use the 'wrong kind' of avi file. It seems that the files I'm using require DIVX to play directly in media player or my preferred player, Jet Audio. He noticed that as I load each file into Roxio, a little DIVX logo appears temporarily in my system tray. I am certainly no expert when it comes to creating and editing DVD files, and maybe that's something I should have been aware of. I guess my next step should be to learn about avi files and their various forms and formats. The files I'm trying to convert are for individual episodes of an old Discovery Channel program called "The Secret Life of Machines". You can download them from http://www.techno-fandom.org/slom.shtml and from many other sites including Piratebay.org, where I got my copies: http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/3642309/T...309.TPB.torrent If you haven't seen this series, it's worth downloading a few episodes to see what the show is about. Note that these are not pirated videos. The author/producer, Tim Hunkin, encourages the downloading of the files and grants full permission. See this page: http://www.timhunkin.com/41_slom1.htm On the subject of getting support for the 8.2XE product from Mad Dog, it doesn't seem to be possible for the reasons I have given previously.
  3. ogdens- I'm not trying to start a big argument here, but I think I'm still being misunderstood by you. In the first picture, above, of my 8.2XE screen, my intent was to show you the link for an 8.2XE upgrade. Ignore the big banner for the full version of Creator10 (also an 'upgrade'). My version (8.2XE) may have been distributed by Mad Dog, but it was certainly not written by them. In fact, there is no obvious connection between the 2 companies other than the propaganda written on the drive's packaging. Nothing in the program itself makes any reference to Mad Dog. Furthermore, it is Roxio- not Mad Dog- that has offered me a free upgrade, available from Roxio's (OK- Sonic's) web site- not from Mad Dog's site. A visit to Mad Dog (http://www.mdmm.com/) yields virtually no information about this software, other than to mention that some drives come with 8.2XE or 9.05XE (9.05XE is, I assume, what the upgrade is all about). There are no tech support links or forums such as this one where I could learn more. And that's why I'm asking my questions here and not at Mad Dog. I understand that I have a 'lite' version, but it's still a Roxio product. By the way, I learned long ago that emails or help requests sent directly to Roxio or Sonic NEVER receive an answer. I have just ordered a copy of Acronis True Image backup software. As soon as I get my HD cloned, I'll go ahead and run the 905XE upgrade and see if I can finally get my DVDs burned.
  4. I know that some of you think I'm misreading or misunderstanding this weird download, but I'm not. Really. Here's what I see on my Roxio 8.2XE opening screen. Note the 1st link, in the center of the screen (click the imarge to enlarge it): And here's what I see when I click on the upgrade link. There is no '.exe' shown, and there is still no '.exe' on the downloaded file: I think I'll play it safe for now and not run the 'upgrade'. But why would Roxio promote a v.9 upgrade for a v.8 program? Very strange. So I'm still stuck with the original problem. I'll take grandpabruce's advice and check ebay for v.9.
  5. Nope. The file extension is not hidden- it's just nonexistant. As Larry said above, it seems to be some weird quirk of MSIE that causes the '.exe' to be dropped. I can easily add it back by renaming the file, now that I know what the extension is supposed to be. Here's the problem I'm having that caused me to think I might need the upgrade: I have several .avi files that I want to convert to DVD format, with each avi being a separate chapter. When I press the BURN button in 8.2XE, it begins to process the first avi chapter and when it reaches 99% progress of the chapter (some smaller percentage of the entire disc), everything just freezes. It should move on to the next avi, but it just sits there doing nothing. I can't end the program and I can't do anything else with the computer, either. Windows Task Manager says that the program is not responding, and the only thing I can do to regain control is to use Task Manager to end the Roxio program. The avi files are each ~25 minutes long and ~250KB. Three of them fit on a DVD with the "high quality" setting, with some room to spare. The odd thing is that I have been successful making a test DVD of several short (~2 minute) avi files, but the large files all fail at the end of the first one. I have plenty of RAM (1GB) and hard disc space (40GB free), and no other programs are running when I'm using Roxio.
  6. Thanks for all of your replies. Let me clarify a few points. The union of Roxio and Sonic has caused a lot of confusion for me. Although "creatorxe905u" doesn't exist on Roxio's sites, it apparently does exist on Sonic's. When I run Roxio Creator 8.2 XE, the opening "Welcome" screen automatically communicates with Roxio on the web and gives a list of sales pitches, feature articles, and tips that are all available. The first thing on the list is this: "FREE upgrade for Creator 8.2 XE users. Click here", and it links to this Sonic page: http://docs.sonic.com/updates/emc9/creator...=31&kn=Easy Media Creator 8 OEM XE Generic&type=main You can go there yourself if you want to see what I'm seeing. It looks offcial to me, obviously from SONIC and not from some hacker site. When I click on the link, I don't get a description or explanation of the download. I just get the standard windows download dialog, asking if I want to save or open the file. I have saved it to disk (562,355KB) and run AVG scans more than once on the file, which always checks OK. There is no filename extension- no ".exe" or other suffix. Just "creatorxe905u". It seems to be some kind of zipped file- When I scan it, AVG reports that it contains 7527 individal files. Since I don't know how to run or unzip it, I can't give any more info. The original 8.2XE came with my Mad Dog DVDRW drive. I'm having problems with the program freezing in the middle of rendering a DVD image, and I was hoping that the free update would solve my problems. Since I only need to burn a couple of homemade DVDs, I don't want to spend the money for v.10 if I don't have to. I'm using XP Pro, not Vista, so I hoped the older version(s) would work OK. Thanks for your further comments.
  7. I have Roxio Creator 8.2 XE, and as suggested by the program's opening page, I have just downloaded a free update file called "creatorxe905u". Now what do I do? Windows says it's an unknown file type so can't run it, and I don't see how Creator can import or execute the file either. What am I missing? By the way, I can find no referece anywhere on Roxio's site for a description of the update or what improvements it provides, and a search of all of Roxio's discussion groups for "creatorxe905u" yields NO results. Thanks for any help. Currently installed: Roxio Creator 8.2 XE Version: 8.2.300 Build: 823B00H, MDM Serial Number: [removed by Brendon]