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    Popcorn 3.0.2 Will Not Compress Video_ts Files

    Okay, I bought the boxed version of Popcorn 3.0 and it would not even load. Nice QC, Roxio. I did download the update 3.0.2 and whoooppee the program actually loads and runs. I've now ripped 12 DVDs. They all play perfectly on the Mac using DVD player. Only 3 were able to be burned to DVD. Popcorn either responds with "this VIDEO_TS file cannot be compressed" or alternately, "the VIDEO_TS file appears to be corrupted". Okay, it's not corrupted since I can play it with DVD Player. What's the deal here? Strange that Mac the Ripper (freeware) seems to work flawlessly. How come Roxio can't get Popcorn to work?
  2. Ripping my hair out

    Popcorn 3 Will Not Launch On Macbook

    Thanks for the suggestion. Didn't find any xvid codecs anywhere.
  3. Ripping my hair out

    Help! Popcorn Keeps Quitting Seconds After Opening!

    I have a similar problem on a MacBookPro OS 10.5.2 Popcorn 3 never actually loaded, it immediately goes back to Finder. I've deleted and reinstalled 3 times, no luck. I do not have any Xvid codec (and why do I have to actually look for that, Roxio?) This was a physical box purchase, so I have no idea what actual version of Popcorn 3 this is. Can't return it since store does not accept open box returns and can't call Roxio without PAYING for it. Sheesh. Color me irritated.
  4. Ripping my hair out

    Popcorn 3 Will Not Launch On Macbook

    I've tried repeatedly to install Popcorn 3 on my MacBookPro running OS X 10.5. I get a momentary menu bar, then it immediately returns to Finder. The app never seems to actually load. Tried deleting and reinstalling 3 times, no luck. This really irritates me, I hate it when I buy software that is just dead in the water. Of course store does not accept returns on opened software, even if it just plain doesn't even install. I'm pissed, Roxio!