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    "mounting A Dvd"

    After the burn is complete, you get the option to verify, mount or eject the disk....What does verifying and mounting do?
  2. moeferg

    Selecting Languages

    I tried the option button but all I get is a choice of buring the whole disk or just the movie and the quality of the compression. If I burn "just the movie" do I then get the audio options. Also, when I have ripped a few movies I end up with a video TS file and a audio TS file. When I chose the video TS file everyhting including audito was there after I burned it. What is the audio TS file?
  3. moeferg

    Video-ts Folder Popcorn

    I have a brand new iMac 17. I just downloaded popcorn last night and it didn't work at first. Afer some research I found the patch and downloaded it. It now works fine. I did try the DVD2One trial version for burning and it worked also. Popcorn does seem slower however but the movie quality is better.