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    Toast Not Popping Up

    Dear All, I have not used Toast for while, updated last week. 10.0.9 (569) - © 1997-2010 Sonic Solutions and its licensors. All Rights Reserved. However the application do not start showing any window. It seems just hung up. I do not undersand. Do any of you have any idea? Yukio
  2. yukiotoko

    New User 18771 Error

  3. yukiotoko

    Error In 10.7

    After upgrading to the 10.7 strange message coming, but more disturbingly most of the Quicktime files used to be easily burned are not handled by BD burning. the message is almost like following although partially localized messages, There is a problem with the source material Could not write Result code -18771 Anyone has idea? Yukiotoko I found other thread covering this topic!!
  4. yukiotoko

    Sony Blu-ray And Toast 10

    Hello, I have the same issue here in Japan. I had the same issue with Toast 9 and oped Toast 10 will solve but the situation is nealy the same. The top menu is just showing the flame of the each movies in yellow color. It seems to me there is a bug in color space in menu. By the way the Bluray player is BDZ-L55 ,regular stand alone type sold in Japan. As far as I tested those menus are fine on PS3. So there is some difference between PS3 and Bluray Player. But Roxio should work togeher with Sony and find work around. Yukiotoko
  5. yukiotoko

    Success W/ Hd Menus?

    Hello Lucas, I have nearly the same issue. I have been successfully made menus on Bluray Media (BD-RE) and DVD without any issues even with Top Menus which are using those Toast's a few menu icon/windows? and played nop problem on Playstation 3 preview, however it doesnot show correctly on the normal Sony BD recorder which is Japan model so that different US model. I am very curious why this is happening. Also I have been expereincing strange behaviour of chapter from the beginning of Toast 9 so that have not tested 9.0.4 yet. (mainly the chapters which was made on FCP does not work, often jumping around ....you can find other threads in this forum, many people are complaying) Yukiotoko
  6. yukiotoko

    Blurry Motion On Bluray

    Hi Roxio, I have been trying more. Actually every trial on AVCHD on DVD were not successful with any trial settings. Since I took some video in Taiwan this month so that trying many times. The first clip of FCP are always blurry both video and sound. But I found the same clips of FCP is better looking on BD-RE. It means the initial portion of the video, Toast is not handling well in terms of encoding. I would like Roxio to improve AVCHD portion. Other than the initial clip other portion is great and much better MPEG2. Yukiotoko
  7. yukiotoko

    Blurry Motion On Bluray

    Hi Roxio, I have experimented a little ad found a interesting thing. Although I tried many things such as going back to MPEG2 with many settings but it actually created even more blurry videos. However I noticed onething. I always put a starting image with title for abut 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then starting to the first clip. Even with or without transitions the first clip bcame blurry and sounds as well. So I removed the initial color matte then started with the video clip, then the video clip started smoothly. It means the renderer of the Toast 9 is not handling any other format (even black) other than video are actually failing. I would like Roxio to fix it. Because using color matte with title is the normal practice for the most of the video making, right? Yukio
  8. yukiotoko

    Blurry Motion On Bluray

    Hello Roxio, I still have the same problem and taken amy clips and burned many DVD BD but the problem of the first clip gets blurred image and bad quality sound stays the same. Actually I tried to change the level first sound portion lower but the things are not different. It seems to me the compression of Toast 9 is not handling the data when it starts with all of a sudden large data, not a difference of the previous movie image data so that process delayed and failed to make a smooth data. Please respond and fix it! I am waiting for months. Meanwhile many movies in various places are not usable stage. Regards, Yukio
  9. yukiotoko

    Blurry Motion On Bluray

    Hello Roxio, I have been testing more than 20 AVCHD DVDs and 3 BD-RE Burns. The problem stays the same. I feels BD-RE is only slightly better because of processing rates. I have tried to remove any transitions from initial portions where I basically use color bar and then color mattes with Text disolve in out, and then the first clip follows. Even after removing transitions still the initial clip start blurry and sometime stopping. I thought the heavy compression rate cause some delay on reading from drive., but it may not be reason. I also has another Sony DVD Drive so that I burned AVCHD with the Sony DVD Drive instead of Logitech (Panasonic) Bluray drive. But the situation unchanged. Most of the later portion plays smoothly, but when another scene started on the AVCHD or BD-RE then the same thing happend.I tired various setting change like a bitrate change. Although the moive quality of the smooth portions are quite good and I am enjoying on PS3 Player since the player comes with 9.02 does not work correctly in terms of aspect ratio no matter how I changed parameters... Yukiotoko
  10. yukiotoko

    Blurry Motion On Bluray

    Hello, I am not sure I should post this here. But I am writing this from Japan since there is not much help in Tost Discussion Board in Japan. I have been successfully buring Bluray and AVC/HD DVD with Toast mostly after 9.02. But there is one annoying thing which is not smooth rendering at the first clip in movie. I thought it is because of the first rendering dissolve in transition from color matte to normal clip in my FCP, however even removing transitions could not help the situation. It always makes the initial clip to be blurred in the beginning. Can you help me to find what is wrong. I guess my environment is not so different from US floks in USA, Toast and FCP on Mac Pro with 4G memory and 1TB HD drive with striping.....only the difference is BD Drive which is manufactured by Panasonic. Regards, Yukio Igarashi