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  1. electric perk

    Mac Photos Application & Toast 16 Compatability

    Thank you for the feedback Mr. Old Archiver. I agree with you regarding the Photo extension. Take care. Allan
  2. In previous versions of Toast Titanium, 14, you weren’t able to drag and drop photos from the Photos application to the Toast context area. Are you able to do that in version Toast 16? If not is there a work around where you can get Photos from the application into the Toast? Thank you for your time in helping me solve this issue. Allan
  3. electric perk

    Spin Doctor - What Is Going On?

    Mr. Tsantee. I tried to work with Spin Doctor but I'm finding too many errors in trying to digitize cassettes. I still wasn't able to adjust the recording level, and also when i was able to record an album the tracks were all weird with the wrong identification recording song title. I decided to look for another application and found Vinyl Studio. So far so good. I'm able to digitize cassettes without any errors, adjust recording levels, and get accurate track listings, etc. The trial is only good for 5 albums, and then the cost is $30. This application seems to work without all the complications of Spin doctor X. Thanks, Allan
  4. electric perk

    Spin Doctor - What Is Going On?

    Thanks for your reply Mr. Tsantee. I was able to find a vat file called bias soundsoap.vst. As I said I do have a functioning Soundsoap 2. I deleted the file and trashed it. I tried a recording with Spin doctor x and didn't get the error that i previously had stated. I'm still unable to set my levels for recording. Auto level is greyed out, and i cannot move the slider for recording. not sure what that is about? Thanks again,
  5. electric perk

    Spin Doctor - What Is Going On?

    I am having difficulty with Spin doctor X, version 1.0.1 When I open it up, I'm unable to set the recording level (greyed out). Just using the level which it is set at, I'm unable to make a recording, I get an error that states that an exception has occurred, failed to load resource, and forwards me to call Bias. I also am asked if I want to upgrade Soundsoap 2. Is the problem with my Soundsoap application? I do not see a Bias VST plugin. Any ideas on problem solving? Thank you, Allan
  6. electric perk

    Error Burning With Lacie 2Dvd+-Rw "unable To Recover Table Of Contents"

    I will run disk warrior as recommended. The other thing I was thinking, the Dvd RW drive was purchased July 2005, it might have run its course and that is why I am having burn issues? Thanks, AP
  7. Good afternoon. I'm having difficulty using Toast Titanium 11 burning with Lacie 2 DVD+-RW external burner on my IMac 27, Lion OS, I used different media (Verbatim and HP) and get the same error messages about 60% of burning the CD, "sense key=medium error, sense code=0x57, unable to recover table of contents." I'm able to burn with internal burner on the IMac using Verbatim CD. Any suggestions what could be happening with the internal burner? Thanks for your help, Allan
  8. Thank you for your suggestions. I tried another recording and then I saved the file while in CD Spin Doctor, and also saved the active tracks. I then tried to send the tracks to Toast Titanium 10. I got the same problem, Toast gets stuck in preparing the tracks at about 10%. I don't know what the quirk is. I probably will contact Roxio since I just got toast titanium. I will try and send the tracks to I Tunes and from there, I will send the tracks to Toast and see if I'm successful (in that process it will not have to prepare the tracks). Take care.
  9. electric perk

    Control Audio Volume In Cd Spin Doctor

    Thank you Mr. Tsantee In system preference with USB Audio CODEC-there is no input control. I will check with the maunfacturer of the turntable Ion.
  10. electric perk

    Control Audio Volume In Cd Spin Doctor

    When I change the Input Device in Spin Doctor to USB Audio Codec in order to digitize my vinyl recording I'm unable to control the input volume. The ION turntable is connected to the computer with a USB cable. I'm able to control the input volume when I digitize my audio cassette recordings (input device/built in audio; input source/line in) Does anybody have any ideas to troubleshoot the issue. Thanks