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    I belive your expertise. BUT....why does it work on my Windows 7 at home on an identical computer? That is what is puzzling me.
  2. Willie C

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    Roxio EMC Suite 10
  3. Willie C

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    I am not sure. This is the only info I have: CD KEY# TSID # P/N 150257-00UN EMC 10 Suite/UN WM745A8902
  4. Willie C

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    I am at my summer location and computer. I have Creator 10 installed on my computer. It would not open. It functions on my home computer. So I went to support to get downloads for Creator 10. I downloaded the patch. When I went to run the file it would not proceed. It gave a message that it could find no program (Creator 10) installed on the computer. It suggested that I reinstall the program from my disk. I did that and also repeated the installation after another failed attempt. I am running Windows 7. As I said I have no problem running it on my computer at home also running Windows 7. What am I missing? What should I do that I haven't thought of? Willie C