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  1. OK. I've already filed 4 tech help requests with NO HELP AT ALL. Please do not send me to the article for Toast 8. It is too old and does not apply. I want to change the color of the type, the typeface, and placement of the type. Also put in a custom background. And move items to their best place in the layout. MyDVD Pro continues to CRASH each time I want to make an .iso file. Toast 18 Pro, will not show the addition "100+" menu options they tout on their website and I paid for. Also I can't customize any place, style, color or text. The thumbnails are way too small to see or give any help. What can I do? Is there a better piece of software to buy to help me make custome DVD menus and burn an .iso file? I've done research but am a bit confused. Hope someone has an answer for me.
  2. JosephMartin

    MYDVD Templates

    I have TOAST 18 Pro. I want to customize the DVD Menu also. I can't find ANY tutorial on how to do it. Or, after exporing the interface, I only see VERY SMALL previews that I cannon change. When I went to myDVD Pro..... crashes each time I try to burn an .ISO file. Please DO NOT direct me to the article for Toast 8. Yikes. That is too old. Is there anyone to call at Roxio to talk about this with.... that know anything. Each time I file a question for help I get the same response... we'll email you in 24 hours. Terrible customer service. And the answers are always wrong. Is there anyone who can help?
  3. JosephMartin

    Where Is The Fotomagico Serial Number... ?

    I bought the full upgrade for TOAST and received serial numbers for everything but FOTOMAGICO. Please DO NOT tell me to find tech support as I can't navigate your site worth a #$^@. Please provide an actual LINK or PHONE NUMBER to call. or provide an EMAIL ADDRESS to get this answered. Thank you in advance for your help. Joseph
  4. JosephMartin

    Toast 9 Crashes

    This may seem like a bitch... and it is... After two days I took Toast 9 off my computer and put on Toast 8. I did the "How to uninstall Toast Titanium and all associated files" doc... 10-15 times over two days. The last time I did this it was right after I upgraded my MacOS 10.5.2 software update. And Toast worked like a charm. I was afraid to click "Quit". However I needed to get other work done. I quit Toast 9. Then I did some other work. Then I relaunched Toast 9 and it kept crashing upon launch. Here's the rub.... as per my perspective. It worked great for about 1.5 hours. No Problems. Then NOTHING changed on my system or set-up. Then I relaunched the software and it CRASHED again and again. What gives.... ?? Please DO NOT ask me to go backward with my system software. Please DO NOT ask me to change settings and spend another hour to changes settings and attempt work-arounds. This is not MY problem.... it is YOUR problem. I expect your software to work .... like it was working for 1.5 hours and not be so picky or fragile that a simple "relaunch" makes it go crazy. Why do I believe this... because everything else works on my computer. That's why. I'm a working professional and have over 20 years in computer experience... so I believe I know where the problem lies. Please FIX your product so that it works consistently on the MAC OS Intel machines. I've had to go back to Toast 8 just to get my work done today... after wasting my time doing everything your boards suggest to fix the problem(s). I don't have the time to waste or go through mindless tech support. I hope you have a update soon that addresses this.