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    Burning Bootable Cd From Iso Image

    I think there must be something to the additional track idea. I created an ISO image using another program and burned a CD from it, and it booted, but wouldn't run the application that should have been on another installed CD-ROM drive. Actually, it locked up the machine. So, whatever ECDC is doing when it creates an iso image it isn't picking up the boot record, either during the creation or burning process. Or something. It would be interesting to know if the newer versions of ECDC have a method for doing this, but I can't get my cheap-&%$ company to spring for an update. Better to waste 2 days trying to get the old one to work, I guess. So, anyway, I have a way to get it done, so enough time on it. Thanks to everyone for the assistance and interest! Steve
  2. BigSteve

    Burning Bootable Cd From Iso Image

    All of the CD creation is being done locally. I need to save the ISO and content files to a network server, which isn't a Roxio task. FWIW, I did try the CD copy function from the good original bootable CD to a blank and it does work ok; i.e. the CD copy boots as expected and runs. Maybe I need a newer version of CD Creator to make it work with the ISO. We have have had trouble just reading ISO images (that weren't bootable) created at another company location with ECDC 7.5 with our version 5 ECDC. Very strange... Steve
  3. BigSteve

    Burning Bootable Cd From Iso Image

    I do have a good bootable CD that I created; I slew that dragon already. What I don't understand is why the CD I burn from the ISO image created from this bootable CD will not boot. I thought an ISO image was an exact copy of the source. I assume I can use the disk copy function and make another bootable CD copy, but this is hard to archive to a network server. As an interesting side note, I was able to create a bootable CD using the the *.bin files from the original CD. I did a File=>New CD Project=>Bootable CD=>Use Existing Image file and selected the bootimg.bin file from the original bootable CD. I added the other files in the project and this booted and ran correctly. While this saves my bacon, so to speak, it seems like the ISO file should burn to a bootable CD. Am I expecting too much? Steve
  4. I created a bootable CD for running Ghostcast, which works fine, and then created an ISO image of the disk for archiving. When I burn a CD using this image it won't boot from it. What am I doing wrong? Using Easy CD Creator version on a Windows XP PC. Selecting File => Record CD from CD Image => select .ISO Image => burn using Disc-at-Once method Any help would be appreciated. Steve