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    How To Burn iso files to CD

    I've downloaded a disc image with a .iso file in it. When burned to a CD it becomes a DTS 5.1 audio disc. I can't figure out how to make TOAST TITANIUM burn this into a readable 5.1 audio cd. I've tried everything! PC users do it with NERO but I have all Macs. Help! I've got 20 wasted cds here in a pile!
  2. I have TOAST 7.0.2 on my iMac & iBook. All of a sudden TOAST 7 , on my iBook will not burn audio cd's. I get "illegal request" message. I've reinstalled TOAST 7 and still no luck. TOAST 7 Titanium is still working fine on my iMac. What's going on?? I've used several different brands of media and still won't burn a disc. HELP!