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  1. zoseph

    Watch Folder

    You can manager your 'Watch' folders by opening PhotoShow and clicking on the 'Preferences' link. There you will be able to select your 'Watch' folders. Please note that there is not a way to turn the off the 'Watch' function for the Home Photos folder. However, because the program is accessing the photos in this folder, it will not be making duplicates of these images. A duplicate will only be created if you import a photo into PhotoShow from another folder.
  2. zoseph

    Temp Folder For Video Storage

    Hello Patty, Can you give me a little more information about the messaging that you are seeing regarding 'temp' storage? I would like to offer some information but want to make sure that I am not pointing you in the wrong direction.
  3. zoseph

    Watch Folder

    Hello Patty, PhotoShow has both a 'Home Photos' folder and 'watch' folders. The 'Home Photos' folder is the folder that you designate as the location where you store your photos during the PhotoShow installation process. These are the files that PhotoShow accesses as 'Albums' within the program. If you import photos into PhotoShow from a folder outside of your 'Home Photos' folder (such as an attached digital camera) a copy of the photo will be placed in the 'Home Photos' folder. The 'Home Photos' folder is also a 'Watch' folder. This means that photos added to this folder outside of PhotoShow will automatically be scanned into PhotoShow. If you want you can designate other folders as 'Watch' folders. If you place an image into one of these folders, the image will also automatically appear in PhotoShow and be copied into your 'Home Photos' folder. The 'Home Photos' folder is always a 'Watch' folder although you do not need to designate other folders for PhotoShow to 'watch'.