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    Multiple Audio Tracks On A Single Dvd?

    Thank you very much for your quick answer, even though it is not the one I hoped for ( well, at least I'm saving the money for the upgrade from Toast 9 this time ) . Oh well, then I guess I will have to wait for Toast 11 or 12. I'm still hoping that Roxio will re-work their video DVD creator at some point in the future... On the hand DVDs may be completely "outdated" when they finally get that feature into Toast...
  2. Well, since Toast 10 is out now, here's my question: Does it finally support multiple audio tracks on a single DVD? If yes, I will buy it. If no, then I won't (too many disappointments, see my previous thread on this topic on the "Toast 9" forum: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=38636). Unfortunately I could not find any relevant information on that topic on the website or in the product information... Thanks in advance for any answer!
  3. Well, since Toast 10 is out now, here's my question: Does it finally support multiple audio tracks on a single DVD? If yes, I will buy it. If no, then I won't (too many disappointments, see thread). Unfortunately I could not find any relevant information on that topic on the website... Thanks for any answer!
  4. Yes, that is my feeling as well. However, I can do this easily with a set of Open Source software tools (see initial post) and for free, therefore I still think that Toast - as a commercial application - should provide this functionality as well. I consider it a "standard feature" and it somehow depresses me that I spent so much money on Toast now (Toast 7, 8, and 9 - with "upgrades" costing almost as much as a new purchase...) and there is still no sign of such a feature. I think I will have to skip the next release of Toast unless it explicitly mentions this feature as being supported - finally...
  5. Yes, this works as well, of course. It usually automatically finds the matching audio stream because it is named the same. However, and that is the problem, it only finds/accepts/adds ONE audio stream. When I demux a TS stream with multiple audio tracks I get several audio files, e.g. two with a ".m2a" extension (German and English stereo sound, let's say) and one ".ac3" file (with a German DD surround track, for example) but in Toast I can always only add one of them. What I need is a feature to add all the audio tracks that I want to a matching video file.
  6. Well, I would really like to do that but somehow it would not let me - or at least I don't know how to accomplish that. Whenever I add a file to Toast it displays the video and (selected) audio properties and the first audio track of the file is always pre-selected so when I do not select another one it simply takes the first one. But maybe this is just a "display issue" and it is not really what will be put onto the DVD? I will try it out and let you know ASAP. Thanks!
  7. Yes, this is exactly my problem: Toast does not allow me to make the disc the way I want it. I wonder why, though, because this way of setting up a (multi-audio track) DVD should be considered to be a very "ordinary" usecase... Thanks for passing on my request. In the meantime I guess I will have to use my Open Source software and stop using Toast for the time being... Oh well... Best Regards, Stefan.
  8. Thank you for your reply! I will try to explain how I do this. Actually, I tried many different approaches. One of them is this one (and the easiest I could find): I take the transport stream file from the DreamBox, load it into "MPEG Streamclip", trim it there and output/export the stream as TS (transport stream) again. Then I go to Toast 9 Titanium, create a "Video DVD" with a menu, add the TS file (it is inserted there no problem), and use the following settings (I hope I get the translation right, my version is German): "use own encoding", video format MPEG-2, never re-encode, audio: Dolby Digital automatic. Now, when I see/edit the added video/TS file I have a drop-down box for the audio tracks and I can select each one without problem - but only one. What I am missing is a way to select "All" in that drop-down box for the audio tracks. Another thing I tried was to use "MPEG Streamclip" and export/convert the file into "MPEG-2" or "MPEG-2 with MP2 audio" or to "demux" it and then import/add these files to the DVD in Toast. However, the result was always the same: It just accepted one single audio track and not more. For example, when I wanted - let's say - to have an English Dolby Digital (AC3) surround sound track and a German stereo sound track combined on a single DVD it would not let me choose it. I can select only a single audio track for each video file. Maybe the problem is with the menus? I didn't yet try to create a DVD without a menu using Toast... But how can the menu be the problem?! For reference, here is what I do to get a DVD video with two audio tracks using Open Source software: - demux the TS stream into separate video and audio parts, let's say movie.m2v (video), movie.mp2 (stereo audio), movie.ac3 (surround) using "MPEG Streamclip" or "ProjectX". - use mplex to get an MPEG again: mplex -f 8 -o movie.mpeg movie.m2v movie.mp2 movie.ac3 - use dvdauthor to create the DVD (VIDEO_TS), e.g. without chapters: mkdir /tmp/dvd; cd /tmp; dvdauthor -t -a mp2+de,ac3+de -v 16:9+720x576 -o dvd movie.mpeg; dvdauthor -T -o dvd - use growisofs to create an image, e.g.: cd /tmp/dvd; mkisofs -dvd-video -o ../dvd-movie-image.iso . - (burn the image to DVD) I think the last two steps can be skipped by using Toast's VIDEO_TS burning feature but I still listed it for completeness. After this process and the DVD is finished I have a DVD (without menus) with multiple audio tracks that I can simply choose by using my DVD player's remote control - no problem. But just using Toast (to have a nicely layouted DVD with menus instead) does not seem to work for me; even if I try to demux the file first (as I said above) and then feed it to Toast... Or at least I did not find the proper way yet. I appreciate any kind of help. Thanks & Best Regards, Stefan.
  9. Hi all, I am a user of Roxio Toast (Titanium) since Toast 7. Now I am using Toast 9 and I still did not figure out a way to burn a movie with multiple audio tracks on a single video DVD. I also tried a lot of search queries here and on Google without success so my last hope is to get an answer here by starting this new topic. The issue is the following: I have a Dreambox that records DVB-S transport streams in the .ts format. They sometimes contain multiple audio tracks, e.g. German and French or English and German Dolby Digital surround sound. I can easily change the tracks and listen to all of them without problems (on the Dreambox and on the Mac). Now, when I try to burn such movies on a video DVD using Toast (no matter which version) it only allows me to select ONE of these audio tracks. I have not yet discovered an option that allows me to put ALL of the audio tracks on the video DVD so that I can later select the audio track(s) with my DVD player remote while playing the DVD. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I have done this several times using open source software (on the terminal) without any problems so I expect that an expensive software package like Toast 9 Titanium ("expensive" compared to free open source software) should be able to do such a thing with ease. Or am I wrong here? Thanks in advance for any answer & Best Regards, Stefan.