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    9.0.2 Update Is Empty?

    I'm able to download and unstuff the update, but when it opens there's just a copy of the Toast 9 dmg with nothing new in it, and when I restart toast it keeps telling me I need to update. I just installed Toast 9 for the first time, so I may be missing something simple. Any help is appreciated.
  2. SMLZ

    9.0.2 Update Is Empty?

    Ok it worked this time... however this is all exactly what I did before. Upsetting... I downloaded the update twice before and again this time, so I can't say it was a bad download the first time. I have no idea... Thanks for the help guys!!
  3. SMLZ

    9.0.2 Update Is Empty?

    Nope, it's still version 9.0(240). I don't know if the (240) means anything or not. All it's doing is sticking the dmg inside the Applications folder or inside the toast folder (I tried both) The first time I did this everything copied, but now it's not... assumably because it already has. Do I need to restart my mac or something?
  4. SMLZ

    9.0.2 Update Is Empty?

    ...well, no that didn't work after all. All the files copied but when I start the program it still tells me I need an update...
  5. SMLZ

    9.0.2 Update Is Empty?

    well then it all makes sense. Thanks!