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  1. David de Roxio

    New Photoshow Software Offered

    The two downloads you see are for Roxio PhotoShow and PhotoShow 5. If you already have these two installed you do not need to reinstall them.
  2. David de Roxio

    PhotoShow 5 failed to burn DVD

    I cannot see, in any of your posts, that you have attempted to burn a disc using any other software. Have you verified that this drive burns at all? Did you follow the directions in the article? If so, did you have any trouble following the steps?
  3. David de Roxio

    Is Photoshow 5.04 The Most Recent Build?

    Ispoons, You can contact support here. derek.nz, If you have already contacted support you can update an existing ticket.
  4. David de Roxio

    Simplestar Photoshow 5 Dvd License Issue

    Your original keys will be in your confirmation email. Otherwise you can contact support to retrieve them. PhotoShow 5 can be installed on up to 3 computers. It would seem you are having trouble with the third installation. You would need to contact support for help on this.
  5. David de Roxio

    Burn Multiple Copies Of Same Project

    Please describe your issue further. If you have used the article above, did you encounter errors in any of the steps? Please describe the steps you take and any error messages you see. Have you created a ticket here: selfserve.roxio.com
  6. David de Roxio

    Burn Multiple Copies Of Same Project

    There is an article for general burning issues here: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/General%20I...mation/000008GN
  7. David de Roxio

    Registering Photoshow 5

    If you have contacted support and received a reply, you can reply to it and seek more clarification. If you purchased the extended download service or backup CD from Simple Star, you should still be able to install PhotoShow 5. You will need to look to your original confirmation email to login and download PhotoShow 5 from the original online store.
  8. David de Roxio

    Photoshow 5

    Please try to contact support. You may need to reinstall your program or get your key reactivated.
  9. David de Roxio

    Returning A Purchased Photoshow Dvd

    You can contact support here: selfserve.roxio.com
  10. David de Roxio

    Photoshow Online And Photoshow 5

    The subscription will also provide a new desktop application (Roxio PhotoShow). It will include most of the theme packs that were for purchase with PhotoShow 5. You can keep PhotoShow 5 installed and still use Roxio PhotoShow. Both will burn DVDs. The online service will allow you to order DVDs.
  11. David de Roxio

    Can I Export A Photoshow In 16:9 Format?

    the OP question was answered in the link malatekid provided. Thanks malatekid!
  12. David de Roxio

    Wish List For Version 6 (or 7)

    romagjack, Roxio PhotoShow will continue to improve. However this is a discussion group is intended to respond to issues with current versions. derek.nz, You are able to update tickets and add new ones. There is also a chat feature and KB articles for registered users.
  13. David de Roxio

    Simple Star Photoshow 5

    You can update your ticket. You may want to enter all relevant information like your PhotoShow key, version and build number and what updates you have installed on the Vista machine.
  14. David de Roxio

    Does Not Load

    Flash is produced by Adobe. You can search for the latest flash player. It is free to download.
  15. David de Roxio

    Need Convert This Data Photoshow To Video Mode Dvd

    It doesn't sound like you have exported the Shows as wmv. Right click on the file and select properties. If the file type is "application" you must re-export as a wmv file. If it is a video with the file extension in parenthesis () you should be able to burn in to disc. Try to play the file in a player like Windows Media Player 11.
  16. David de Roxio

    PhotoShow 5 shuts down unexpectedly

    Please note: If you are using a non-Comcast version of PhotoShow 4 or earlier on Vista, it will not work. With that said... You can try the solution below however, you will loose the Shows saved to your program. Uninstall the program. During the uninstall process uncheck the box asking you to keep the PhotoShow database. Then reinstall PhotoShow. You can download your shows from your site back into your program after the new install. If this does not help, contact support.
  17. Which program are you trying and what steps are you taking before you see this error? Here is a general article on help with DVD burning: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/General%20I...mation/000008GN
  18. David de Roxio

    Photoshow Database Lost!

    What operating system are you running? Were there any special instructions during the uninstall and reinstall directions? You photos are stored in your My Pictures folder by default. Please look there if you need to recover your photos.
  19. David de Roxio

    Edit A Video Clip

    Try to rename the show or the video clip and try again. Also, try the clip in another Show. If this error is only happening with one Show you may have to remake the Show.
  20. David de Roxio

    Video File Upload Size

    You can use the online PhotoShow editor to upload individual pictures. You can create half of your show at one time and then upload more photos later.
  21. David de Roxio

    PhotoShow 5 failed to burn DVD

    Please check that the drivers for your burner are up to date. Also, test the drive with another program to make sure it can burn at all.
  22. David de Roxio

    Does Not Load

    Check your internet connection. Also, make sure you have the latest Flash Player. PhotoShow.com is optimized for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Make sure you have tried one of these browsers as well.
  23. David de Roxio

    Burning A Dvd With A Menu

    You can export the Show as a video file and use another burning program to make a separate DVD. This will give you a menu and any other content you want.
  24. David de Roxio

    Photoshow 5 File Location

    PhotoShow only allows one Show per DVD. Roxio PhotoShow saves shows as individual files. PhotoShow 5 holds the show data within the program. You must open PhotoShow 5 and burn the Show from within that version.
  25. David de Roxio

    General Burning Help

    Please review this article for general burning help: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/General%20I...mation/000008GN