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  1. Is there a way to keep this window from opening when I capture audio using the sound card?
  2. Ron C

    Playing Audio Tracks In Reverse

    I'll try that. Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to flip audio tracks in Sound Editor so that they will play in reverse?
  4. I did a repair installation but that did not help so I guess all that's left is a full uninstall/reinstall.
  5. Oddly, when I tried to select C2D, the Disc Copier window abruptly closed. So there's something else going on besides the source disk. I was able to achieve a work around. I had access to a laptop loaded with EMC 9. I saved the disk in ISO format using EMC 9 and then transferred it to the computer with the DVD burner. Then using the same offending EMC 7 program I was able to burn the ISO file to a disk.
  6. This is a DVD of a musical performance that was produced by a work for hire videographer. It is not copy protected. My desktop computer has a Plextor PX-760A DVD burner which I use regularly to copy DVD's for distribution. In the EMC7 Disc Copier window, it says the contents of the Source Drive is DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER(DVD-Video).
  7. EMC 7 I am trying to make copies of a DVD. The video files have the VOB extension. When I try to save the disc image, the only options I get are C2D and CUE. I don't know why it doesn't want to save in ISO, I can do it with other disks. The Roxio disk utility gives the following info: DVD type: DVD-R Content type: ROM/Audio Used Space: 3.9GB File system type: UDF Any ideas why it will not save in ISO?
  8. Ron C

    Foreign Language Text

    Is there a way to put foreign language letters and symbols (i.e. spanish) into text effects?
  9. Ron C

    Problems Capturing Dvd

    The computer I was using with EMC 9 was replaced. On the new computer I am not able to convert a DVD to mpeg or wmv. The DVD plays correctly on both Windows Media Player and CinePlayer. I read the thread about compatible capture devices. Where specifically do I look in System Information to see what this computer has?