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  1. I've search the forums for such an occurance, but I've tested this on several PCs. When opening The main Suite app (running Roxio Media Creator Suite) that has the nice gui for selecting what you need, I've noticed that when the suite scans/detects a burnable DVD in the drive that there is a slight static noise coming from my speakers and stops as soon as it's done detecting. Again this was noticed on several PCs all of which have Vista Ultimate SP1 running. This is the only app this happens to. When opening other apps such as Roxio Classic it does not happen just the main suite app. All I'm after here is if anyone else has noticed this issue that is running the suite? Thanks!
  2. Ok...after further investigating and listening a little closer...what is happening is that at the main Suite gui there is a ticking sound rather than a static noise. However, if you don't listen closely it can resemble a "static" type noise. Since I have Dell's I've attempted to install the Dell Supplement Roxio software (Creator DE 10 and Creator Premier w/ Blu-Ray 10.1). I also get the same results with these machines but again only at the main suite gui and only when inserting a burnable DVD in which the suite will then detect the disc. It happens while the disc is being detected. Once it sees it it stops. Maybe the software is designed to make this "ticking/static" sound while it "thinks" about what kind of disc is being put it to burn? I did check the Vista sounds to see if it added Roxio sounds, but none were to be found. I know programs like Quicken or Quickbooks will add sounds to the Windows sounds menu. Anyways I just wanted to say something as this can be somewhat annoying when burning CDs/DVDs.
  3. Yup. They are all running the onboard Sigmatel HD audio which I believe is no long being developed, but I am running the latest version of the driver for both machines as I've already gone over that in my troubleshooting. I can surf the net to see if there is one that was released before they sold out, but as far as I'm concerned it is the latest driver. These are all Dell machines as well. Mainly the XPS 400 series (so 400 410 and 420s). It's not a big deal, but I for a second I thought I was just hearing things in my head until I did the same steps again and heard it again. And it is the only thing that is doing it. Just found it weird and wondered if there was a fix for it possibly besides going through the mess of lowering the hardware acceleration which I think would be uncalled for in this case.