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  1. Perhaps this has been noted before but I did not find details so I decided to post this. I created an image file using Toast Titanium 14. Started at "Video", selected the menu style, chose the format as DVD-Video, and added two large MPEG-4 files. When the image file was done I checked it to make sure it plays. My next step was to burn discs. I made 3 copies on Memorex DVD+R DL discs. Checking those for play on the Mac I found they were fine. When I put them into my Sony Blu Ray player I discovered the player would not recognize the discs. It offers an icon with a question mark on it and the word "unknown". Just for the hell of it, I tried a DVD player and the disc ran just fine. Anyone have thoughts? Is this a software issue? A Sony issue? A disc issue? I am running a Mac with OS 10.11.6 and Toast Titanium 14. The Blu Ray machine is a Sony model number BDP-BX59 Thanks so much!
  2. robertpny

    Popcorn 2 Problems

    I have been happily using Popcorn 2 for some time. Last November I bought a new Intel iMac and now run Leopard - and had no trouble with Popcorn 2...until I upgraded to 2.0.1 and then 2.0.2. a few days ago. Since upgrading I'm now getting the infamous 13780 code after an original DVD or Image File has been compressed to fit onto a single layer disc. Other discussion entries suggest removing the upgrade versions and returning to 2.0 which I have done - several times in fact. I am trying to run Popcorn 2.0 and I am still getting this message! Is there any way to eliminate all traces of Roxio product (I have Toast 9 as well - which does the same thing, by the way) and start fresh??? I've trashed Popcorn and Toast and the preference files I've found, then reloaded both and the problem persists. Thanks, Rob