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    Video_ts Conversion Problems

    I can not get Toast 9 to properly convert a decrypted Video_TS using iPhone or AppleTV Presets. The movie is a commercial film that has been decrypted before hand. Encoding the movie with handbrake worked perfectly. With my Turbo .264 plugged in, the resulting movie is almost an hour longer then it should be, and does a lot of repeating of short clips to get the extra length. File Size has increased with the length. Without the Turbo.264, the movie was about 50 minutes too long, but the file size is very small, because it freezes on a frame about 15 minutes in. The VIDEO_TS folder is located on a hard disk, not a DVD. I have tried another movie, with similar results. I have successfully converted .tivo files, and EyeTV files. Any suggestions? Dave