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  1. dragonn331

    Can't Edit Pictures From Samsung S7 Cell Phone

    Brendon - Thank you so much for your research! I figured there had to be something different about the S7 jpg's. I've definitely learned some things from all of these posts. Again, I appreciate your help in finding a work-around. - Dave
  2. dragonn331

    Can't Edit Pictures From Samsung S7 Cell Phone

    Hi - I have attached 2 pictures taken with my Samsung Galaxy 7 cellphone that I cannot edit with NXT Pro5 PhotoSuite. Thanks again for trying to help me with this. - Dave
  3. dragonn331

    Can't Edit Pictures From Samsung S7 Cell Phone

    Due to a problem with NXT Pro 5 installation, I do not have Paintshop installed yet. I was able to edit these cell phone photos in Canon Digital Photo Professional as jpg's. I did notice that my Samsung cell phone photo setting puts GPS on the photo. So, I turned off GPS, took a pic but PhotoSuite still couldn't open it. Please let me know where and how to download one or more of these cell phone pics so you can examine them. Thanks again. - Dave
  4. dragonn331

    Can't Edit Pictures From Samsung S7 Cell Phone

    Thank you for the responses. My name is Dave. I'm sorry that I did not get back to you quicker but just a few hours after posting this, I lost my internet and also got very sick for 3 days and still recovering. Enough of my life story. Brendon - The picture files are jpg's. That is why I am so confused since PhotoSuite can edit all my camera jpg's, just not jpg's from my cell phone. Redwagon - Thank you for the link to the Samsung doc. I do NOT have my Samsung set to raw mode. I am a Canon camera buff and I normally shoot in raw and jpg with it but did not know much about my cell phone camera. Skinis - When I transfer pictures from my phone to my PC, I select them individually....not as a whole folder. I will see if I can edit the cell phone pics in another photo editing program. But again....they are jpg files. Jim_Hardin - I may try Corel's Paintshop but I'd still like to know why PhotoSuite can't open those jpg's. Redwagon - I did find the option on my Galaxy 7 to take photos in raw. It was not enabled. All - I will do some testing and post back. Thanks again for the suggestions. - Dave
  5. I am running Roxio Creator NXT Pro5 on Windows 7. When I take pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and download them to my PC, I cannot open them in Roxio PhotoSuite. In the PhotoSuite Open window, those pictures show up like a document with a red circle and red line through the circle. I cannot select them to edit. Any ideas?
  6. dragonn331

    Creator Nxt Pro 5 Install Error 0652

    Thanks. I wish it would've been that easy but my PC would not even shut down. After an hour or so of trying different things, I finally had to restore my PC back to a previous Restore Point. I guess I will try to install only the main program (no standard content and no pro content) and see how that goes.
  7. I am running Windows 7 SP1. My first attempt to install NXT Pro 5 did not finish. It got stuck while installing AfterShot 3 and locked up my desktop. My second attempt gave me the Install Error 0652. When I clicked the "OK" button, it then said "Another installation is in progress". I would appreciate some help. Thanks.
  8. I cannot burn a DVD from MyDVD in Roxio Creator NXT Pro. When I go to the Burn screen and insert a blank DVD, it says the "Drive is empty". I also cannot copy a data dvd in Copy Disc. When I put in a dvd to copy, it says "Reading disc, please wait..." and that message does not disappear until I click on the green arrow button and then it changes to "Please insert a disc". I can burn a DVD using other software like Win Movie Maker. I have screen shots in a Word doc that I can send if you need them. PC=HP H8-1360T, Win7 - 64 bit -Version 6.1-Build 7601 Service Pack 1, 8 GB memory DVD=HP CDDVDW SH-216BB SCSI Cdrom Device NXT Pro Version;, Build 140B36A, R04, 701B17A, R04 MyDVD Version Build 140B36A
  9. dragonn331

    Old Versions Of Roxio Creator

    I got a new PC and the new Creator 10 software for it. I will be selling my old PC that has Creator 9 on it. Will the new owner be able to register Creator 9 under his name? How does that work? Thanks.