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    Suggestion / Bug Report

    Maybe I should say that the copies popup does not work reliably, rather than at all - I just tried it again and it was OK.
  2. Jeffms

    Suggestion / Bug Report

    I cannot find any way of emailing Roxio so I hope they read this forum. Toast 11: the number of copies popup when burning DVDs etc. does not work. It always used to work but now it's broken. Toast finishes after one burn no matter how many copies are requested. Also, it always struck me that Roxio was an upgrade-greedy company where there were precious few improvements but a lot of expensive upgrades. Here is one area where they could definitely improve the product: make it easy and obvious how to be able to set (1) the name of the disc when it mounts on the desktop (2) the name of the disk that appears as the main title on the menu (3) the name of the movie as it appears in the menu. At the moment it seems fairly random what appears where and I still haven't quite worked out how to do it.
  3. Jeffms

    Fcp Chapter Markers

    Toast has loads of features I personally would never use, but the ability to recognise and use embedded chapter markers in QuickTime files would be a very useful function. I am not a pro user but would dearly love my own movie to have the chapter markers I created for it. I don't see this as a 'pro' feature particularly. And until Apple's DVDSP, iDVD and the rest actually support Blu-Ray properly, Toast is the only game in town. Hence I think we are entitled to feel frustrated by this shortcoming.
  4. Jeffms

    Frame Rate Bug In Toast 9.0.2?

    I have an HDV movie (1440 x 1080) recorded at 25 fps (PAL standard). When I import it into Toast for a 'Blu-Ray' project (actually I am using a DVD-DL) it comes up in the main window as Video: Text, 1440 x 1080, 30 fps. I hadn't spotted that the first time and wondered why, just before it started encoding, it warned me that I was trying to put NTSC content into a PAL project (Toast preferences are correctly set to PAL as default). It offered to 'reencode' it as PAL. The first time I let it do what it appeared to want, and create an NTSC disc - result: jittery video. The second time I used the 'reencode to PAL' option and it has come out just fine. So why is the video's correct frame rate (as for example reported in QuickTime movie inspector) not actually recognised by Toast?