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  1. Hi, Just a quick one: I was starting a DVD+R data disk burn and in the mean time I inserted into my laptop an USB mobile internet card. [i think] roxio gave an error that the device (I don't remember how it was worded exactly) will only be used after burn is completed. So I thought I'll have to wait, but actually, it allowed me to connect. So I connected, surfed and when the burn finished it gave me an error after veryfication like "some parts of the data don't match with the original, please try again and make sure other applications don't run" (or something similar). I have already burned dvds using roxio and working on other applications simultanously (like doing data copy through LAN cable from another computer onto mine), so I didn't think this could cause a problem. When I inserted back the DVD, I could only see the contents of the disk in roxio, but could not read it with any file explorer, like if there would be no disk in the drive. So I decided to finalize it - strangely I could only do it by choosing in the options/data menu that "I only need disks for one recording", not with the finalize option as it said the disk is in use by the "data disk" option. I supposed, this will close the disk which may solve the problem, but actually it didn't. Now, I cannot even see tha data burned, however used space is 4,369 GB, so the burn was complete (checked information). Just a confirmation: can I through away the old disk and reburn or can this disk be ever "seen" by file explorers anymore? Thanks a lot for the answers in advance! ben
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    Disk Doesn't Display Data

    gi7omy, Brendon, Thank you very much for your great help, it was all very useful and yes, I learned the lesson! I wish you both all the best! ben
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    Disk Doesn't Display Data

    do you mean I'll never actually see the data on the same DVD but can only recover? even if I close the disk? I originally wanted to "save" my DVD from being thrown out as fortunately I still got the data on my HDD that has been backed up on it...
  4. All, I have burned data (pictures and video on .jpg and .avi format) to a TDK scratchproof DVD+R and left it open. When I loaded the disk again to add data and change the volume label, i (mistakenly) have deleted the loaded data from the list and added new data. This operation changed the volume label and added the new data, but now I can only see the new data on the disk however viewing the disk information it can be seen that there are 2 sections: one with the "old" and on with the new data. What can I do to see the "old" data again as obviously it's indeed there but cannot see it? Is it due to the fact that I have changed the volume label? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!