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    Toast 8 to Toast 10—Differences

    Thanks tsantee, mainly for encoding and burning DVDs produced in Final Cut Pro, and sometimes for simply importing video directly from my camcorder and editing it for quick non-critical mini-projects. Roy
  2. Hi folks I have used Toast for many years, and am now using Toast 8. As a video producer I use Final Cut Studio 5, MPEG Streamclip, etc. The suggestion has come that I should upgrade to Toast 10 (not Pro version), but what advantages would 10 give me over 8? Many thanks Roy
  3. Just upgraded Toast 8 to 8.0.5 but won't recognize my CD Key (which obviously worked with original Toast 8 — bought as boxed hard-copy) Any clues, anyone, please? Tks Rad
  4. Rad

    Audio tracks "Fit to Disk"?

    Hi folks Need to burn iTunes tracks to Audio CD's but just a smidgin too much for 2 CD's, but not enough to warrant 3. Is there a way to have Toast8 "Fit to Disc"? Regards Rad