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    Toast Fails To Burn Every Time

    This may sound stupid, but it is what happened to me. I created 4 coaster with an error message of medium error, after it would do write in, the go directly to write out. I was trying to use Memorex DVD-R. On a whim I tried Maxell, and dang if it didn't burn like it should. Make sure you have good media. I thought mine was good, but...
  2. Guymer

    Medium Error

    I used imovie HD to create an image file (more than one actually), which plays just fine on DVD player. I try to burn it to a DVD and I get "The drive reported and error:Sense Key=MEDIUM ERROR Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03 with and OK button. I have created 3 coaster with Memorex DVD-R 8x that prior to my trying to use them are unused. Is it my drive? Is it the media? Is it the Video-TS which as I stated earlier play on DVD player without a problem.