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    I have 2 MPV files and I want to make them 1. Is there a way through toast (v9.0.7) to do that or can someone recommend a program?
  2. tkantone


    Hello I need a little help. I just purchase a new Macbook. I want to transfer my copy of toast 9 to it (I don't have a disc I paid for the dwnld version). On the new computer I have Snow Leopard. On my old mac power book G4 (which I don't have anymore) I had leopard. Can someone please post how to do this. The copy I have of toast is a register/paid copy
  3. tkantone

    Streamer In 9.0.4

    Thanx for the help curtis but sad to report Iam still getting the same error.....safari can open this page....etc!!!!
  4. tkantone

    Streamer In 9.0.4

    Well guys IT'S STILL NOT WORKING. I've type in my url http://streamer.roxio.com/myusername. Iam still getting the message "sarfari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found. I've done and try all the setting also.......NOW WHAT?????
  5. tkantone

    Streamer In 9.0.4

    Iam connected with a apple router (the one looks like a spaceship(wireless) I tried to change my user name and now its saying sarfari can't open this page because the server cannot be found. Iam using a mini mac (OSX 10.4.11) and a powerbook G4 (OSX 10.4.11)
  6. tkantone

    Streamer In 9.0.4

    no sir none of that is helping me. I don't mean to be rude but I have the right to vent I've spent $99 for something that doesn't work (for me). So would you be upset????? now is there anyone out there that can help me explain to me in detail on what to do?
  7. Ok bob i've done all that placing my marks that I want to remove now my question is HOW DO YOU REMOVE THEM????? I HIT THE DELETE BUTTON ON MY KEYBOARD AND THE CUT OPTION IS GRAYED OUT? WHAT DO I DO
  8. tkantone

    Streamer In 9.0.4

    I have tried a alternate name and that's not working either. Can someone tell me how to get my money back off this roxio 9 crap? that was my purpose of buying it because of the streamer. If there is someone out there that knows how to make it work can you please post (step by step) Iam using a mini mac (OSX 10.4.11 & AND POWERBOOK G4) THIS (ROXIO 9) IS A PIECE OF.......... (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK)!!!!!!!!!
  9. tkantone

    Streamer In 9.0.4

    I have upgraded to the toast 9.0.4. Iam still get a "The user name tkantone is not registered" Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem. I thought the upgrade ver. would be must better and have all the kinks worked out........BUT....I guess I was wrong
  10. tkantone

    Update For Toast 9?

    It's been 5 to 6 months and no update yet from toast 9.0.2. What is the $#@&ing problem??????????
  11. tkantone

    Streamer Router And Firewall Settings

  12. tkantone

    Streamer Router And Firewall Settings

    Since you guys know all this "Router Configuration" Can you please post it step by step? I have the Apple Base Station (the one looks like a space ship), I can't/don't know how to do those configuration. Which I think you should have to do this stuff manually
  13. tkantone

    Problem With Upgrade To Toast 9

    I still have the toast 8 on my computer. Should I delete it or what (could that be part of the problems Iam havin with toast 9)?
  14. tkantone


    Can someone please help me with Streamer. Iam gett the error message. User not register Please help me with step by step instruction on how to get it up and running!
  15. When will the update come to fix all the problems with v9 of Toast. Iam very disappointed in Toast v9 ....!!!!!!