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    PhotoShow support

    They state: We also provides a premium telephone support option at a rate of $1.89 per minute (US)... Before speaking with a technician, your card will be authorized initially for up to 15 minutes of service in the amount of $28.35. You will only be charged for the time you are speaking with an agent..... Please note that the use of this premium service does not guarantee resolution of the issue. So, even at $1.89 a minute....Heck, it will cost me $5 just to explain the problem.. <G> But that's Ok..it is what it is.... The program seemed like it would be fun. I will wait until it is available in a retail store on disc.
  2. Rick790

    PhotoShow support

    <G> At $28.35 per call??? No thanks. That is more than I paid for the program.... Refund time.....! That is the deal with Roxio. They really do have some neat products. EMC 10 is an awesome program. Photoshow 5 is a great Windows based slide show program. However, Roxio products just always seem to be chock full of gliches...
  3. Rick790

    Photoshow Installation Freezes

    OK, this worked...The installation starts and progresses....for about 15 seconds...Then it tells me that the application is trying to contact Roxio to download the application.... Then it says the contact failed. It tells me to check my internet connection and try setup again. 1)Why is setup trying to download the application from Roxio when I have already paid for the program and downloaded it through Digital River? 2)Why is it not accessing the internet? The fact that I can access the discussion groups at www.roxio.com/support, not to mention the fact that I purchased and again, downloaded the program online, says I have access to the internet. 3)For the record, all anti virus software was disabled at start up. All firewalls are turned off (Windows and Norton). All pop up blockers are disabled. Any ideas? Installing a product should not be this difficult.
  4. Rick790

    Photoshow Installation Freezes

    I am using XP. I went into Roxio chat help. I explained the problem. The support person on chat told me to disable everything in the start menu...which I did... But they gave the instructions and signed off with "have a nice day" all at the same time. I did not get to ask any questions. I have downloaded the program three times I think, thinking there was an issue with the download.....I click on the setup icon. It starts its installation, then just freezes 30 seconds into starting. It does nothing after this.
  5. I purchased Photoshow 5 this week. The installation freezes and goes no where. Any ideas as to what could be the rpoblem? I have redownloaded the product 3 times.... No luck