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    How Can I Capture In 16:9

    One more quick question, why is it I can't get my picture to show...its under 150 X 150 pixels and under 100 kb.... what could I be doing wrong...I do the upload and its there, but yet to be seen on these pages..
  2. MoreOf Me

    How Can I Capture In 16:9

    That works....thanks.
  3. MoreOf Me

    How Can I Capture In 16:9

    Nero has the 16:9 capture option, but for some reason, when I updated my Windows version from Premium to Ultimate, Nero doesn't see my capture card. I can only capture using a capture card because even though my camera is Digital and records on small DVD's, it only has the s-video and analog outputs. Its a Sony Handyman RW DVD Model DCR-DVD92 I just tried capturing with Roxio again. While the camera was set to widescreen when I did the video, Roxio can only capture in 4:3 and even trying to use Videowave in 16:9, the picture remains in 4:3 and doesn't look right. And NO, I'm not buying a new camera... this sucks. I tried all the updates for the drivers for my card as well as Nero...and still the same problem, it sees it, but fails to iniciate the card...or some error like that.
  4. MoreOf Me

    How Can I Capture In 16:9

    Thanks.... I will have to try that. I capture using a capture card using s-video and not firewire, so that may make a difference. I'm using a capture card , s-video input and when I capture it from my camera, its doesn't look right when I play it back. I haven't tried re-streching the media by using videowave at 16:9 n roxio...