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  1. I'm having some problems with adding text to a slideshow in MyDVD Basic V9. Basically I'm trying to add a simple title to the first slide and 'The End' to the last. I can add the text no problem but I'm finding that its creating problems in playback. It seems to be treating the text as a completely separate slide in its own right. So the text and the slide dissolve out then the slide it was on appears again minus the text. This looks odd in particular at the final slide where the slide appears with 'The End' emblazened on it only for the slide it was on to appear again straight after. I've not added separate photos that would create this problem. I've tried adding blank slides and the same happens - a coloured page appears with my text on it it disappears then a the coloured page reappears without the text then my show continues as normal. Am I doing anything wrong - anyone have any ideas. The only thing I can think to do is add the text directly to the photo itself rather than use the tool in MyDVD. Cheers