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    sorry i see the attachment is there twice,,,
  2. On start up i have the same issue. Followed al the said steps here and still the error. I have attached my Dxdiag and when i hit "attach file" it does'nt sem to get attched? DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. No dont get me wrong i am not upset with Roxio at all,, i thought this place was in some way monitored by Roxio,but from what i have read is that most of the SMARTYPANTS (j/k) here are just "USERS" like us. But i did find another program that i sampled and i had no problems what so ever,, and i have changed nothing in my way of recording and all sounds cyrstal clear, well as clear as a tape can sound. Agian thanks for all the input on this matter and yes i still have the program,,,,,
  4. Can Close this thread....returned software,, thanks anyways.....
  5. Well to no avail i have tried all of the above advice,,,and nothing is helping me, but here is a link to a sample,,maybe this will help you out,, and yes the sound is clear on my tape deck that i am using as a matter of fact it is a top of the line Memorex Karoke machine,,,and i have recorded on all lvls of volume also,,, agian hers a link http://files.filefront.com/Audio+1wav/;105...;/fileinfo.html
  6. connecting to my pc using Y-Adapter Audio Cable Gold Series from RadioShack. And on your 2nd question,,i dont know what your asking? Sorry
  7. I have just bought Roxio easy CD&DVD Burning in the red box ver. 9.0.554 As in the title as i record a cassette to my pc i get the audio plus static. Was hoping someone here can lend a hand to let me know what i am doing wrong, i searched the forums for some time now and i cant find a solution,, Many thanks in advance,,,,,,, Pbess133