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  1. I am using Creator NXT and have the same problem. hours and days of work go into creating these projects only to have the Roxio program mess it up. I create my movies in videowave. I save it. I either try ti directly encode to a video file or burn to disc. None of the suggestions work. There is simply a problem with Roxio. I repeatedly have tried to encode a videowave production but always came up with balck transitions and some black imagees in the final production. It does not matter what video format I use. It is not always the same transitions, images. And I have even replaced the "offending" images/transitions, all to no good. It starts encoding for a couple minutes, them boom. Again, the black transitions. So, I thought I would try to burn a disc instead. I did that. This time I had only 2 transitions and a couple pictures render black. Again, it does not matter whether I burn at a slower speed. I have tried them all. My computer is up to date and working fine. This is not acceptable. I pay a lot of money for these Roxio programs. I think it is time Roxio stopped trying to blame user error or computer problems/updating, software vs hardware settings, etc. and actually tried to fix the problem with their software. And now, you can't even contact "support"--I use that term loosely--without paying. If a company put out a workable, good and decent product, it would/should be happy to offer real support without charging it's loyal customers. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to successfully burn a disc from videowave, or encode to a video file, without getting the black transitions or sporadic black images? I am frustrated and dejected beyond belief. These projects are extremely important. And now, I can't even continue to make them because it is pointless. In my case, I am using Windows 7 and Roxio Creator NXT.
  2. Opened videowave (in MyDVD 10 Premier) today to make a movie. There are NO standard control buttons: i.e., the play, fast forward, etc. where the heck are they. I am so fed up with Roxio stuff...Can anyone help?
  3. Is there any way to convert a home movie dvd made with MyDVD 10 Premiere to another format such as avi or quicktime, etc? this is really maddening, that you cannot do anything with these dvds once made. I know I can play them in my dvd player, but there has to be a way to convert to another format when needed. thanks.
  4. poemsmith

    My Dvd 10 Premier

    a few months old now. started this nonsense after a couple of my "productions" and about a month and a half of use. the problem with MyDvd component was not the same. it actually opened, however, i could not access any of the "DVD Menu" options. i say "was" -- i wrote to roxio direct, and they have had me try a few things. over and over and over again. from changing some settings to remove and clean install. over and over. the same blasted steps. repeatedly. lol get my drift? anyway, i got fed up and decide to do the unthinkable: REINSTALL WINDOWS. i was afraid to remove all, so what i actually did was put in my operating system cd that came with the pc, and just reinstalled over the present. it did not remove any of my own files and documents and pictures, etc. however, i did have to update my graphics driver agian and some other programs, etc. BUT, after a removal of MyDVD and then a reinstall of that program after all this, VOILA!! it's perfect. so, try doing that. i'm a happy camper. for now. until the next thing goes wrong hey joanne hope you saw my answer above about my reinstalling windows xp. i know how you feel. i seem to have "found my niche" here, with my memory videos. my family absolutely loves them, and they are a great "legacy" for kids, grandkids. it is soooo important to me to do this. hope you have luck.
  5. poemsmith

    My Dvd 10 Premier

    hi jim, thanks for your help. i also wrote roxio direct with this, and they have answered with the same clean install page. i have tried EVERY blasted step on that page, including the regedit and removing roxio/sonic completely from my machine. nothing. everything still the same. i'm going nuts. in their email though, there were a couple other things after like finding out what direct x / graphic stuff needs updating and how to find that out. so, that's all i have left to do. i'm not very optimistic here. i hesitated before buying this piece o' crap from roxio, but it seemed like a good program. lol and i want to do these films so badly for my family. anyway, i'll try the updating thing. but after that, i'm afraid i just don't know what to do. i've a lot of work and sweat and love in these projects of mine and i'm just furious with roxio -- or is it sonic -- dear lord, who even knows. what a racket. honestly brandon, what a cheap trick. i'm fit to be tied. idiots.
  6. poemsmith

    My Dvd 10 Premier

    Thanks for clearing it up for people. As I said, I have purchased MyDVD® 10 (also called MyDVD 10 premier). It is NOT easy media creator.
  7. poemsmith

    My Dvd 10 Premier

    I think that's the same thing, isn't it? I purchased from the Roxio site. I can't use anything in the program that involves MyDvD. Cannot get menus, change buttons, nothing. I couldn't download it either. And also had to purchase the disc. I'm really upset about this, as this is my major hobby. it's what i do for my family. I have some events coming up and i'm right in the middle of trying to put together a movie. I just don't get it. what a waste of money.
  8. poemsmith

    My Dvd 10 Premier

    without a clean install? of windows or of MyDVD 10 premier? I have removed that program and then reinstalled it. but nothing happens. Do you mean i should reinstall windows? i have windows xp media center 2005. i think i installed microsoft PictureIt! about the same time. maybe i'll try uninstalling that program. what do you think about a system restore?
  9. poemsmith

    My Dvd 10 Premier

    I have purchased My DVD 10 premier. Worked fine for a few productions of mine. Now, all of a sudden, when I try to open MyDVD Express, I get this error: Runtime Error! Program: ...iles\Roxio shared\10.0\SharedCom\RoxWizardLauncher10.exe R6025 -pure virtual function call this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Also, I can open MyDVD component, but that program will not let me change menu styles, buttons, etc. Can anyone help?