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  1. cruisedj

    Photo Printing Roxiowizardlauncher

    Thanks, Will do That, Meanwhile thanks for all the help and assistance you gave me.
  2. cruisedj

    Photo Printing Roxiowizardlauncher

    Wow, Success. After various trial and error efforts. Such as repair and various remove and reinstalls I have managed to get the Roxio program to recognise my printer. Whilst all the other programs on my PC recognised my printer and printed out perfectly it seems that NXT2 did not want to know. As a final resort, I decided to remove the printer completely from my PC and then reinstall the printer from scratch, and hey presto this worked. Why the Roxio NXT2 program did not pick up the fact that I had a printer installed I will never know, but at last I can now print photographs etc... I still think that Corel should have given more than a 14 day support period, because you don't normally buy a program and instantly try out all the various functions that the program offers to make sure that they work. The support period should be at least 3 months to be able to log the call free of charge with their so called experts.
  3. cruisedj

    Photo Printing Roxiowizardlauncher

    Sorry those figures were because I put a smile face from my iPad the forum system obviously.dont like them. Many apologies.
  4. cruisedj

    Photo Printing Roxiowizardlauncher

    Sorry back on the print subject. I have tried to print now with the NXT2 program Photographs (taken from various sources, digital camera, mobile phone etc etc ) but still no print coming out. Since my first report I have also tried creating both calendars, birthday cards and other things and they don't print either, however, I find I can print DVD and Audio case inserts from the Label Creator part of the program, (deep joy). I have done a Repair and then a complete removal as per instructions listed for removal. Still no joy, I also did a removal and did a custom install and left out the back on track and DVD automatic starter. Still no joy. Don't know what else to try, any other ideas would be helpful. Every other program, MS Office programs, Adobi Reader, Email, screen prints, etc etc prints ok.
  5. cruisedj

    Photo Printing Roxiowizardlauncher

    Thanks for trying anyway Jim. you look good to me, Looks like I am just going to have to use the Video parts of NXT2 and use the MS program to print out when I want a photo for an album. I might try a Remove and Reinstall at sometime, although the Repair Did not work, it is strange every other program on my PC prints out perfectly with no problem. never mind, back to the drawing board.
  6. cruisedj

    Photo Printing Roxiowizardlauncher

    I have tried many ways since finding the fault. Captured on my Samsung Digial Camera as jpegs 1 Just open a photo in photosuite,and print. 2. Open and edit by autofixing or cropping and various tools within photosuite. 3. Opening different photos which were taken by different means. i.e. from my Android Phone.Scanned in photo's (all jpegs). I downloaded photo gallery from Microsoft and all above photos print ok. But from Roxio Photosuite nothing. Incedentaly VideoWave and MyDVD work fine, I have made my home videos and played them on my home DVD Player. Just the odd photo which I want to keep in a special album a print is needed. if I cannot solve with Roxio I will have to use another product, which will be a shame
  7. cruisedj

    Photo Printing Roxiowizardlauncher

    Sorry, Yes I Can Confirm Roxio Creator NXT2. Regards
  8. cruisedj

    Photo Printing Roxiowizardlauncher

    I hope I have entered this in the correct way this time, Apologies if I have not, being a new user and not used to forums. However, I clicked on START NEW TOPIC , under Errors/Crashes/Hangs and I hope for the best. "I recently purchase Roxio because I have used it before, however I find when trying to printout a photograph I get the following message, "roxiowizardlauncher stopped working window searching for a solution" and nothing prints out. I have done a repair and tried other things such as stopping the Norton AV.Nothing seems to work. Unfortunatley just out of the 14 day support so no help from that source. Any help please ?? Dave (Cruisedj) My System Win 8.1 Packard Bell iMedia S2158 1Tb HDD 6Gb Ram Software updated Automatically Graphic Card NAVIDA GForce GT 620 Proc Speed 1.5GHz 2mb Cache Free Space C: 411gb D:455gb
  9. Just purchased Roxio NXT2 . Unfortunately just out of the 14day support, First time trying to print out a Photograph and get the following Error message "RoxioWizardLauncherModule not responding Windows trying to find a solution" and of course the photo does not print out. has any one any ideas on this please. Making of Video and also MYDVD works fine.
  10. cruisedj

    Missing pictures in burnerd slide shows.

    Thanks for your adivce. I am afraid this is all new to me and it is my first try at creating DVDs to watch on the TV from the DVD player, Yesterday (before your replies) I also tried burning to a Philips DVD-RW and also to a Philips DVD+RW. I created a menu with the two slideshows included and made 2 burns one slideshow had one photo missing but the other slideshow was complete and okay on the first burn and on the second burn the missing photo was missing from the other slideshow. However, I will follow your advice's and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks again
  11. I have a similar problem, I created 2 slide shows both in Videowave, both show perfect in the preview on videowave. I then created a menu in MYDVD and added both shows to the Menu, and played both in the preview and both show as perfect. However, after burning and then playing on my DVD player, I get a blank (missing photo(s)) which is always at photo number 21 in both productions, only 1 or2 photo's are missing then the show continues with no further problems. I have checked the DVD and there seems no scratches, I am using Maxell DVD+RW 120min 4.7gb Data DVDs I have also tried Philips DVD-RW disks, but my Sony DVD player does not seem to like the -RW disks for some reason, hence I use the +RW. Any Idears on this strange one.